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Frittata Appetizer with Bok Choy, Pancetta, Gorgonzola & Mushrooms And we’re off!
The Paille en Queue or Tropicbird a rare bird that circumnavigate the island, so rare that when seen, it provides a sense of luck.
With its surrounding islands and pristine beaches, Mauritius offers privacy and luxe to its visitors. This mythical botanical garden was created by Pierre Poivre and is a must-visit place in Mauritius.
Many spices like saffron, curry powder and cinnamon are used to make traditional Mauritian dishes. In addition to the mythical Morne Brabant, the small village of Le Morne is also home to one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. The natural marine park of Blue Bay is a great representation of the biodiversity of the Indian ocean.
With beach restaurants, roulottes or beach hawkers, you are always sure to find food everywhere in Mauritius. Vallee de Ferney is a nature reserve of more than 200 hectares and shelters over a 100 species of plants and numerous animals. Though things are evolving and the island is becoming more and more developed, the Mauritian way of living remains relatively simple. Mauritius is located quite near the Tropic of Capricorn, which results in a sunny atmosphere. Pointe aux Sables is a small fishermen village located near Port Louis and has a pretty beach and is home to Montagne Jacquot, a thrilling cliff for diving. Probably less famous than Trou aux Biches or Grand Bay, Pointe aux Canonniers is a flawless beach located in the north-west of Mauritius. The largest park of Mauritius is famous for its rocky landscapes and waterfalls, perfect for hiking trails. Whether it is for a wedding anniversary or honeymoon, you can ask for a memorable amorous setting.

Flat Island also known as Ile Plate is one of the many islets located in the off the north of Mauritius. Whether it is on a speed boat, a yacht or a pirogue, it is always a pleasure to sail around Mauritius.
With its dazzling beaches and flourishing coral reefs, Mauritius is an underwater wonderland for snorkeling. Nearly all the beaches in Mauritius offer calm crystal clear water for hours of sunbathing. In Mauritius, you will have no trouble finding travel facilities and services, like car rental, Western Union, Change or ATMs. Mauritius was awarded as the best honeymoon destination of the Indian Ocean for the past years by the World Travel Awards. Pointe aux Piments is one of the rare places of the Indian ocean where you can come across sea turtles in their natural habitat. The hotels in Mauritius are driven by a passion to provide exclusive and personalized services, genuine hospitality. If you are looking for an authentic Marwari dinner experience then your search ends at Bhoj Restaurant. Bakers Lounge is a happening place in the city as it caters to everyone’s requirements.
As you can see, the weather is mostly sunny with maximum temperature ranging around 32-34 °C,  local time is 7:00 am.
When choosing your hotel, check its front beach, you will probably spend a lot of your time there. Also known as Jardin Pamplemousses, the park has a wide range of plant species, including some being endemic. Located just in front of Trou aux Biches, North-West of the island, this artificial lagoon is a paradise for divers. Whether you are visiting Ile aux Benitiers, or going snorkeling or swimming with dolphins, every boat stops at Crystal rock.

The mall hosts some world-famous fashion brands and other animations like cinema, children area, bars and live music on weekends. Whether it is Gris Gris, La Roche qui Pleure or Le Souffleur, the south offers beautiful untamed wilderness. The island is home to some rare native bird species like the Mauritius Parakeet and the Pink Pigeon.
Depending on the time of the day and the light, the earth of Chamarel changes to seven to a dozen colours. La route du the is located near Grand Bassin, a fine place to learn more about this aromatic beverage. It has a historical museum which is definitely worth the visit if you want to learn more about past epic naval battles between the Royal and French Navy. Located not far from the SSR Botanical Garden, the place is definitely worth a visit when travelling to the north.
The ambience is good and one can enjoy a brief discussion with a partner over a great meal. Thankfully, after the abolition of slavery, the music was played to express joy and freedom.
If you are visiting the island in November or December, lucky you, it is the blooming season. The place is famous for its milky white water beautifully contrasted with the rectangular shapes of the rocks. People are very good and living to gather in peaceful way although they belong to different religions.

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