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This is the level of exercise apartment dogs usually get.But if you live on a farm or go on tracking or hunting very often where your dog also gets to run a lot, then you should increase the protein content in his diet. Hunting Beagles burn calories at a much faster rate and they should get as much as 1000 calories per day.However, Beagles over 7 years old are typically less active and need fewer calories. Older dogs should consume as few calories as 575 because all they do is sleep around and walk a little.Before you start feeding your dog, you need to understand the activity level of your Beagle. You should divide the amount of food into two meals a day: one in the morning and one in the evening. Extra protein in their daily diet increases their blood volume, a state that is very common among human athletes in their peak performance.The main sources of protein are meat, vegetables and grains, but not all protein sources are created equal. Vitamin B9 and iron help him with anemia.Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamins and minerals. However, this is far from the truth.Sporting dogs such as Beagles, are very likely to develop dehydration issues which can affect their body and overall health.

But there are some things that you should avoid feeding your beloved dog.If you buy dog food from the market, then read the ingredients carefully before you buy. Many manufacturers fulfill meat and protein requirement by adding meat by-products in their dog foods. Meat by-products are not healthy for dogs as they are mainly parts from animals that are not considered healthy for human consumption.Meat by-products are not only low in protein but also contain animal cognitive tissues and bones. Sometimes these come from animals that have died during transportation, expired supermarket meats and diseased animals, which is unhygienic too.Also avoid fillers at any cost. This condition can be treated with daily thyroid hormone supplement and by avoiding low quality carbohydrate sources such as wheat and corn.AllergiesJust like humans, Beagles can also have allergic reactions for a number of different reasons. Both new and old food should be mixed well together with the ratio of newer brand increasing every day.After 6 months, you should work your way down to 2 meals a day for your puppy with some exercise and occasional treats.
Free feeding should be avoided now.As soon as your puppy turns 1, he becomes an adult and should be fed according to a dietary plan with nutritional requirement being divided into two meals.

All of it comes from good sources such as beef, chicken and eggs.Since it is a grain-free dog food, it does not contain wheat, corn or soya.
It also provides protection against many common allergies caused in dogs by consuming low quality grains.If you are looking for a perfect dog food for your Beagle, then Dr. The main sources of protein are chicken, turkey and eggs.It also contains high quality vegetables such as red and green lentils, peas and carrots which are quality sources of carbohydrates.

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