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Artemis isn’t available in many stores, with My Pet Warehouse seeming to be the only major retailer. The dry matter protein of 23% is average, but we can rest assured most of the protein is coming from easily digestible meat (and not the likes of corn and corn gluten meal we often find in cheaper foods).
Hi Daniel, we can be assured the protein comes mostly from meat, and chicken meal above grains shows this is a meat-first food. The grain inclusions are solid choices, with barley and oatmeal being a good source of nutrition and energy for a canine, and brown rice is far superior than the white rice we find in most foods. Hi Ant, I wouldn’t be overly concerned as this will be in a trace amount and adds calcium. This highly nutritious dog food receives an above average rating from us for its good quality, healthy dry and canned dog foods that meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles for adult dogs and puppies. 4Health Dog Food expert reviews rate both the dry and canned versions of this brand quite high for their high protein and fat content and low carbohydrate levels. Common comments state that dogs love the dry and canned versions of this food, eagerly scarfing it down as soon as it is placed in the bowl. At $25-30 per 35lb bag of dry food and approximately 0.99 cents for a can of wet food, this is an extremely affordable brand. I had 4 beautiful poms and one rescued Jack Russell terrier but things changed this year as both Sasha and Sophie died from congenital birth defects which a dishonest breeder did not tell us about. I was wondering if people that use Taste of the wild know it also is made by Diamond along with many more of the premium foods.
To report adverse reactions or other problems with FDA-regulated products, contact the FDA district office consumer complaint coordinator for your geographic area. I have been using 4Health white fish and potato as I have a 5 month old pit that has had sensitive stomach issues since we have had her and this food was our life saver her stools became firm her coat is so soft we were happy until yesterday my husband went and bought a new bag and this morning I went to feed her and I thought he had picked up the wrong kind I even checked the bag to make sure but it was the same so I thought maybe they had changed the shape it used to be like almost squarish and bigger this looked like little balls not even quarter of the size I didn’t think much of it and fed her tonight she had an accident in the house which she hasn’t done that in weeks and I noticed it was very runny and it looked dark grey in color and trust me I know my dogs poop!
Same thing happened to me, I called TSC and they said nothing has changed and no one else has called in. The correct specifications were provided to the production facility and any product made after May 15 2014 will be the correct kibble size. Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again at 1-877-718-6750.
I have a five month pit and she had a lot of stomach issues until we used the 4health white fish and potato yesterday my husband went and picked up a bag and this morning when I went to feed her it was smaller pieces looked completely different I checked the bag to make sure he had got the right one and it was so I fed her well tonight she left a huge pile of poop on my kitchen floor with some loose stool trailing it and it looked grey! We have been using this food over a year for 4 dogs, recently the actual food looks different. I’ve been using it too for my five month old pit and never a problem until I fed her today I noticed the food was different in shape it was more like tiny balls instead of the bigger almost square shape and tonight she had an accident on the kitchen floor she hasn’t done that in months! I have tried just about every healthy dog food I can think of for my dog, but 4Health is all she will eat. Yes in the last few monthes I noticed that the food has changed in shape and bag has also chaned the food was flat and square and now it is different? We feed her Blue from when she was a pup, but switched because ingredients in 4 health looked good. Now in reading some of these posts with other peoples dogs getting sick it makes me wonder.
I want to try a different food, but don’t know what to switch to, with blue she has occasionally loose stools. From experience (shelter (dog) and rescues, and greater Mountain Swiss rescue, unfortunately, be careful, many of that breed have pancreatic issues, yes, pancreatic insufficiency. My neighbor had two (has owned the breed for many years) both had pancretic issues, the male died at age 9 not bad for a large breed, the female is still alive but, she cooks chicken and rice and veggies and adds digestive enzymes for the pancreatitic insufficiency. I have used 4Health (grain free) for about a year now and it is doing great with my scotties. If one does research many of the high end dog and cat foods have had recalls, not just products like Diamond or particular companies that Diamond manufactures for. You know Diamond under another name could be manufacturing more than their own products and products for Tractor Supply.
I was wondering if any one knew where 4health was manufactured or where the ingredients are sourced from.
I have used the canned for my IG fosters when needed and have had no adverse experiences with it.
4Health is the only food I feed my coonhounds they are show quality hounds that hunt hard at night in the woods chasing coons.
I too looked in to switching my two dogs from Wellness Core to 4 Health due to the cost savings. I switched from TOTW to get away from a Diamond dog food only to learn it is manufactured by them.
At first my dog liked the grain free(4Health) which I was told was the only food in the 4Health line that was NOT a Diamond food. First off, I find that replies from people who obviously work for a company are not helpful. Did you just switch them to the new food, or did you introduce them to the new food gradually… a little bit at a time?

I have had Labs for years and not just one or two, I had up to 11 at a time and have always fed premium dog food. There are a number of resources to provide support to those who want to feed their dogs a homemade diet.
Lastly, I came across Yet Another Cat Food Guide recently, and was impressed with the articles that I read. These are groups I can recommend, though you should always be careful about relying on advice from email lists. There are other lists that I can't recommend due to their dogmatic and intolerant approaches to homemade diets. You can contact me if you have any comments, but I regret to say that I can no longer respond to questions about individual dogs. These descriptions belong to the dogs in the header and other tooltips, but are displayed here because you have javascript turned off.
Pashoshe Fisher, a Chihuahua, was a wonderful, joyful companion to his owner for 19 & a half years. PRO PAC SENIOR DOG FOOD REVIEWFat senior weight to ingredients, palatibility, dog editors of fibre. They also offer OsoPure as a grain free option, and Pro Power as a high-protein option for active or working dogs. If you have an active dog then I’d sway towards Pro Power as an alternative, but otherwise I find this food hard to fault.
That said, lactose intolerance is common in dogs so could cause a potential problem if that were the case. The company strives to produce great tasting dog foods that contain fresh meats, omega fatty acids and antioxidants at reasonable prices.
In the dry version, meat is the first ingredient on the list, and the addition of barley adds fiber that balances out blood sugar levels. In fact, most customers report being very satisfied with this brand, both in terms of the ingredients and price point.
Many dog owners even claim that dogs that are normally fussy eaters enjoy the 4Health brand, and one commenter reported that her dog had suffered food allergies and health problems, yet was fine eating this food.
Overall, this brand comes out on top for both dogs and pet owners, for its taste, high nutritional content and very reasonable pricing.
We weren’t certain that it was a dog food related problem until our Golden Retriever started having loose stools and nausea soon after the Shnoodle. I have has her on 4Health Lamb and Rice for 5 months and the last two bags I have opened she has gotten severe diarrhea.
If you require the use of a Relay Service, please call the Federal Relay Services (1-800-877-8339). I’m using TOTW, for several years, but heard that 4Health is just as good, but also heard that 4Health does not have the pre-pro-biotic that TOTW has, but that may have changed. With it’s water weight, the first ingredient- lamb- would be further down the list of ingredients, leaving just one protein source before moving on to rice. Unfortunately, I have to feed more than double to all of my dogs because they were so hungry than on other foods. We used to use 4health exclusively for the past 2 years, this most recent bag we noticed a change in the shape which I thought maybe I picked up a different flavor and that was the reason for the shape.
I have had dogs come back from not doing good at all on a big name brand i trusted and used for 30 some odd yrs .. I also just switched my 2 Boxers to the Adult 7+ yrs, formula from Royal Canins 5+ yrs formula. I have tried several high quality foods, because the Danes have high food allergies and don’t do well with extremely high protein content, 4 Health Salmon and Potato has been our saving source. At that time brothers-in-law Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter bought Milling Meta Co., a producer of livestock feed and dog food. The 4health puppy food is manufactured by Diamond along with all the other dry grain based 4health dog feeds.
He’s very picky due to me being his third home so he has some issues with separation and would not eat , I tried many different foods and found 4 Health at TSP first trying the dry with no luck then the wet .
At her yearly check ups the vet raves about how healthy she is and tells me not to change a thing. Performance is a must to keep up with those little guys, I choose performance Blend and my hounds are in the greatest shape and love there food!
I called our local Tractor Supply store and ask the manager if 4 Health was manufactured by Diamond. Started out ok with first bag but their stool has become soft serve and they have stopped eating their entire meal and at times refused to eat. Any group that tells you there is only one right way to feed your dog, or that dismisses problems caused by the diet as unimportant, should be avoided. Nutro Natural Choice Adult Light Lamb & Rice dog food has been especially developed for overweight dogs or dogs with low activity levels. In addition to the chicken and turkey we find duck, salmon, and fish meal included, and also chicken fat as a necessary source of nutrients, omega 6, and energy.

Estimated values for moisture and ash have been used where these values haven’t been given (moisture of 10%, and ash of 8%). The wet version also lists meat at the top of the ingredient list, and rounding out the mix are eggs for additional protein, as well as potatoes, peas, and carrots for amino acids, fiber and minerals. Prior to 4Health coming out with their Grain-Free formulas, he was on their original Chicken formula. I feed very small dogs, so the difference between these two brands would only save me about $40 a year, maybe I should not bother.
We have an assorted pack, ranging from 6-40#, several different dietary restrictions, and medical concerns. I get compliments over and over about how healthy she looks, and along with monitoring how much she eats and plenty of excercise I credit 4Health.
Early distribution was limited to within 100 miles of Meta, Missouri and only about 5 percent of the company’s production was dog food. Let me say … he loves it , his fave is the lamb and rice , he is gaining and seems happier , so glad I found this food , his coat is great and shedding seems a ton less . We had tried two other brands before 4Health and she had problems with vomiting and diarrhea. I have been using 4health for awhile but recently had a trusted dog trainer tell me some worrisome things about 4health.
She said that it was however Tractor Supply asked Diamond to make a top quality food strictly for Tractor Supply thus 4 Health came about.
The special formula low in fat and calories in Nutro Natural Choice Adult Light helps to reduce and control your dog?s excess weight.
As well as the grains listed above we find millet, and also potato as another source of carbs.
I took her off for 3-4 days and fed her just pumpkin rice boiled chicken or boiled burger and she was fine, as soon as I added 1 cup into the mixture the diarrhea came back .
This is caused by the natural variations in the color of the ingredients the color of the kibble can vary from run to run. The company is a family-owned, privately-held enterprise, still managed by the Schell and Kampeter family.
She has been eating 4Health grain free for almost 2 years now and has been happy and healthy.
She is a former vet tech and generally keeps up on these sort of things.I just wanted to double check what she told me but have been having a hard time due to the relatively little information provided by Tractor Supply.
The first day the Westie was a little loose, after reading the reviews I am wondering if I made a mistake purchasing it, was the kidney failure a breed; age thing or for real?? Email groups can answer questions, though keep in mind that not all the advice you receive will be reliable, so don't rely on email groups exclusively to learn how best to feed your dog. I would rather pay more for Wellness Core at the supply store then the Vet’s office due to recalls.
The formula based on lamb and rice is also very beneficial for older dogs or dogs with low activity levels especially if they also suffer from skin and coat problems. Therefore, several states will have the same Consumer Complaint Coordinator assigned to it. It ends up being cheaper than the national brands plus the ingredients are great-very little grain. Many vets also recommend Nutro Choice Adult Light in cases of clearly diagnosed food allergies due to the reduced number of ingredients and the emphasis on lamb as a source of protein and rice as a source of carbohydrates.
I am honestly scared since it seems like these dog food companies don’t really care so much about our pets health.
Balanced dog food for dogs with low activity levels or overweight dogs Reduced fat and calorie contents prevent weight gain Hypo-allergenic limited number of ingredients based on lamb and rice Optimal linoleic acid content as a guarantee to healthy skin and a shiny coat Increased proportions of vitamins C E and taurine support the immune system Adjusted vitamin D3 content according to optimal dietary guidelines Fish oil provides high-quality EPA and DHA fatty acids for healthy brain development Increased biotin content supports improved skin and coat health Light Formula with great taste and high acceptance rates as well as excellent digestibility due to high-quality ingredients Special mixture of antioxidants to support a strong immune system Calendula extract provides beneficial lutein (natural antioxidant) Rosemary extract preserves naturally When fats and oils come into contact with oxygen their taste and nutritional value deteriorates.
I’ve been reading a lot of complaints lately from people who feed their dogs 4Health, saying their dogs used to do good on it, but now they all of the sudden have issues.
My Dane is my life and if something ever happened to her I don’t know what I would do! But dont go bashing brands that work very well just because you made a mistake by waiting a week to do anything about your dogs loose stool. My fat cats have thinned down and are more active, and my thin cats are not at perfect weight.
I don’t know if a bad batch went around or if they’ve made some changes that are having negative effects on dogs? And anyone who knows anything about dogs knows that you can’t make too many changes too fast to their diet or medications which includes worming.
I have always been taught to do things slowly and to do them all separately with my dogs, cats, horses and goats. I hope no one else goes through this and I feel so guilty for not realizing it was the dog food that made my dogs so sick.

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