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That’s because the time honoured tradition of eating 6 meals of plain chicken and boring salads a day has become the typical diet of those looking to improve their body composition.
I’m here to show you how to eat great tasting food while still achieving your health and fitness goals. For our nutrition coaching members this is one of the many things we teach them, and we do this by providing a ton of great tasting and varied recipes – every single week. Today is your lucky day, below is a quick insight into the exact great tasting meals that you can expect to eat when following our online coaching system – it’s time to say goodbye to chicken salads!

I am sharing the low carb meals as this should benefit more people, but if you are like me then you will want to add some carbohydrates to some of the main meals.
Lastly, before getting into the meals, we must say a big thank you to Fit Pro Client Recipes for providing the following recipes. Our online nutrition coaching system provides you with a host of great tasting recipes matched to your goals and eating type. Hey, I'm Ru Anderson and the information contained on this site is what excites and inspires me so much, I have to share it with you.

Learn the most effective system and tools to guarantee your body looks, feels and performs how you've always wanted it to be.
This is real simple, just cook up some rice, potatoes or any other carbohydrate you enjoy and serve it as a side.

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