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Bread pudding is one of those luxuriously rich, custard-y comfort foods that you assume can never be a part of a low fat diet. A typical full-fat version of caramel sauce has 260 calories and 12.4 g fat per equal sized (2 Tablespoons) serving!
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Go directly to The Recipe.Welcome and thanks for visiting my low fat easy biscuits page!These biscuits are easy to make and completely delicious!

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Since you're getting an entire dinner meal out of this recipe (as opposed to just the main course or just a side), this is a completely reasonable amount of fat for dinner.
Combine all ingredients except Fat Free Half and Half in a medium saucepan over medium heat.
The bubbling will subside and the caramel will loosen and incorporate with the Fat Free Half and Half. Brown your butter in a large pot or pan by simmering it over medium heat until it turns brown in color and has a deliciously nutty smell, about 5 minutes.4. Combine all the remaining ingredients (except blueberries and canned whipped cream - those are for later) in a large bowl.4.

Whisk your flour into your brown butter and heat until thickened to make a roux (delicious base for sauces and gravies made from butter and flour).6.
Add the smashed garlic, shredded carrots and kosher salt to your roux and cook for 2 minutes.7. Try this recipe and youa€™ll see that ita€™s a keeper!This recipe makes 8 servings (2 T. Serve your low fat vegetarian pasta topped with a few toasted sliced almonds and 1 T Parmigiano Reggiano per serving.

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