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Sometimes simple smoothies are the best smoothies and this is a very simple 2-fruit smoothie with yogurt for protein. Smoothie Ingredients 1 Cup Fresh Strawberries 1 Banana 1 cup Non-fat yogurt 1 packet sugar or sugar substitute. As this Super Vanilla Berry Smoothie recipe shows, a healthy breakfast can be quick, easy, low-fat and ideal for anyone on the go. The strawberries that I eat have 44 calories in a serving, bananas 105 calories each, and 80 calories for NON FAT yogurt. It is very delicious- I used strawberries, bananas, but i also added some mango and kiwi- it is AMAZING! Just starting on the smoothies, want to use them to lose weight, going to use them on a fast, trying to break old eating habits. Used non-fat Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, one small banana and no sugar…Nice taste and smoother than expected. I used plain greek yogurt, and added two packets of splenda (an extra packet to compensate for the tartness of the greek yogurt). Hi I was wondering if I made it the night before would it taste just as good a making it then drinking it straight away??? Why on earth would you want to add additional sweetener (sugar, stevia, whatever, etc.) to bananas and strawberries? Get all the newestlow fat recipes and tips,straight to your inbox.Just enter your email address below. I peel cucumbers, slice them into chunks, and freeze them specifically to throw into any old smoothie I make.
If trying to lose weight, I recommend replacing one meal or part of one meal per day with this. If you find that the recipe is too bitter with no fruit, you can add a bit of a natural no calorie sweetener like stevia. Hi Sarah, I noticed you mention syns so am presuming you’re following Slimming World.

I think this is what I’ll get for my wife about a new Fat Burning Green Tea and Vegetable Smoothie! This breakfast smoothie is great for those of us who are running late for work and prefer to drink our breakfast on the way to work.
This makes 5 cups, which I would say is a healthy 2 servings at 20 ounces or 114 calories per huge serving. Delicious and mega filling…love that I can pour it in a cup and head to work drinking a great breakfast!
It tastes absolutely fantastic, and I think it’s a little creamier than what you might get using regular yogurt. If I needed an extra boost I would use protein powder to help increase my protein for the day if I was doing mostly fruits and veggies for the day. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Green tea increases metabolism and broccoli and cauliflower have enzymes that reportedly help the body more efficiently burn fat. The recipe is loosely based on the large cup size, but if you make it in the small, it will be fruitier and in the large more tea-like.
Ideally if using it as a meal replacement, you would want to add some protein, so perhaps have something with it for that. If you do so, I suggest increasing the broccoli a bit or perhaps adding a more mellow vegetable such as cucumber or tomato.
Some people find that they need something to counteract the bitterness in all veggie smoothies.
The only difference you will notice with that is that the smoothie might have a thicker texture. Otherwise, combine it with a piece of moist banana bread, an apple muffin, or something that will give you lots of energy until lunchtime.
Also, your blender probably wouldn't blend it all the way down and that'd be a chunky, not a smoothie.

I would not recommend using a sweetened type, as that pretty much defeats the purpose and I do not recommend adding sugar to smoothies.
I often add honey to mine, but a lot of diet plans will say no to honey since it is a sugar.
It isn’t too many syns though if my memory serves correctly and you could choose not to syn it but if your weight loss slows down start syncing it as it could be the cause.
But that's the beauty of smoothies - you can add all kinds of things for a nutritional boost and not taste them!If you happen to be sneaking veggies into your kids' smoothies, cucumber is perfect because it is undetectable flavor-wise and color-wise. You can brew it to your desired strength and refrigerate it, or buy premade from the store. If you use frozen and don’t want the frozen texture, thaw the veggies first, or blend longer (or twice) as blending warms the ingredients over time. It won't turn the darned thing green and rat you out.Celery isn't too bad at being sneaky too, but you've got to watch out for the strings. I would maybe also avoid honey with this one too if dieting (although I like honey in smoothies).
If you use canned, you can also replace some of the liquid with the juice from the can if you like. If you like an icy smoothie (I do) you could even freeze the tea in ice cube trays, but then you will need to add some as liquid as well. Try some of the Women’s Health lo-cal smoothie recipes- they’re yummy, filling, and packed with protien! Turns out that 1 or 2 cubes of green smoothie added to an orange and banana smoothie is completely undetectable.

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