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Living free of refined sugars and gluten since 2004 has allowed me to live a fulfilled, healthy life. Ia€™ve spoke to a few nutritionists about the concept of purchasing bottled salad dressings and EVERYONE told me to stay away from bottled salad dressings in the stores.
We have this dressing every day for lunch on a salad of romaine lettuce with extra toppings like green or red pepper, avocado, cucumber, grape tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raw nuts, raisins, sesame seeds, ground flax seed, etc.
When I make it, I usually quadruple the dressing recipe and store it in glass jars in the refrigerator. Very good recipe, I was amazed by how well it tasted and it's much better and tastes much healthier than store bought dressings.

It’s just as good as buttermilk Just stir in LOTS of dill and some garlic and onion powder.
I’ve been making more salad dressings from scratch lately, they are so much tastier than the store bought versions. My food cravings, migraines, and depression vanished and was able to maintain a 60+ pound weight loss. We like the nuts left whole and put on the salad instead of putting them in the dressing but they should be included in the salad one way or the other to help the absorption of the nutrients in the salad.
I’m actually looking for a new salad dressing recipe and might just use this as a starting point.

I have put chia seeds in as well which ends up thickening the dressing and adds great nutrition! You need a high speed blender or food processor to make the dressing so the raisins and nuts blend with the rest of the ingredients.

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