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Many people wing it when it comes to planning out a week’s worth of meals, hoping that a grocery haul full of healthy products will be enough to get by.
To get started on your clean-eating adventure, try one of these five apps, which make meal planning a total cinch. Thanks to an easy-to-navigate interface where you drag and drop recipes (or keywords like “burgers” and “salad”) into a home screen organized by meal, this app is great for disorganized dieters who need a simple way to map out their weekly diet, sans all the crazy bells and whistles. With over one million drool-worthy recipes in its database, Yummly is the ultimate resource for casual chefs looking to whip up some fresh ideas. Need to pull the groceries together, but don’t have the time — or everyone in the same place at the same time to figure out wants and needs?
But if you’ve ever found yourself throwing out expired produce or meats (and then promptly ordering takeout for dinner), it’s time to relook at those grocery shopping habits.
By merely outlining your meal strategy, healthy choices — and thus, healthy weeks — become no-brainers. Whether you need help actually creating a well-rounded grocery list or are looking to expand your recipe repertoire, read on for the best meal planning apps around. Once completed, you can email or print out the generated grocery list (sorted by aisle — so helpful). Filter app searches by prep time, nutrition or type of cuisine, then save favorites to your “Yums,” a virtual recipe box.
Meet AnyList, which allows multiple users to add items to a singular shopping list, either manually or with the help of our girl Siri. This course-minded app has a built-in timer on iPad, which can help you make multiple dishes at once. Since summer is approaching fast, most of us want to trim off a few pounds before we are forced to wear bathing suits in public.

Success is officially in sight — after a few taps and swipes on your smartphone, of course.
After you choose the meals you’ll be making, the app curates all the ingredients to a grocery list, which can be exported to Instacart, a smartphone-based, grocery-delivery service.
If you are struggling to lose weight & don’t have the money to hire a personal trainer, don’t give up. Knowing what and when you’re going to eat will streamline your grocery shopping and save you money. Splurge for a premium account and you’ll be able to assign shopping list items to different stores, plus create location-based reminders so you’ll never forget to pick up more chia seeds next time you pass by Trader Joe’s. Luckily for us there are massive amounts of innovative meal planning apps that have the potential to revolutionize the way we diet. The app will aggregate a grocery list that also shows you the price of ingredients if you shop at one of the stores utilized in the app. Gone are the days of mindlessly consuming calories or having to hire someone to berate you into changing your diet. We know that choosing between the never ending sea of apps can be a daunting task, which is why we did our own research to give you the 5 best meal planning apps on the market. Quit being a victim of poor planning by taking control of your diet with these apps!App #5: Pepperplate – Pepperplate is an innovative app designed to eliminate the indecision that comes with meal planning. They let you choose between their immense library as well as allowing you to add recipes of your own. Once you have accrued enough recipes you can then set up your own menus that are tailor made for your schedule. Pepperplate creates grocery lists for you to make your dieting adventure go as smoothly as possible.

For $6 a month this app is the key to an interactive community of like-minded people who are discovering their new passion for food.
In their forum everyone is in different phases of their quest for the perfect meal, which is exactly why this community is appealing to such a diverse community. Even though this app’s strong point is still grocery lists, it packs quite a bit of surprises.
It also serves as a recipe organizer, &meal planner, which gives you the freedom to customize every aspect of your meals. For now it’s exclusively available for computers, but a mobile version is already in the making.
Managing your diet is a whole lot easier when the details are enlarged on a big computer screen.
Plan to Eat’s ridiculously easy to use drag & drop style makes planning your meals a breeze.
They complete this mission by letting you select meals that are compatible with your busy schedule. You can adjust your meals based on your preferences, allergies & available cooking time. You can also use its web component to print out your weekly itinerary, recipes & grocery lists so you can hang them on your fridge.

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