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This meal replacement is an extremely healthy, low-calorie, nutritious source of your daily vitamins and minerals, with seven grams of non-GMO Whey Protein. Each delicious and satisfying serving contains only 67 calories and delivers 7 grams of ultra-high quality whey protein. Our exceptional quality whey protein is non-GMO (not genetically modified) and contains the highest complement of essential and branched chain amino acids – almost identical to that of human muscle.

Secure Whey is designed to be the best tasting, lowest calorie meal replacement available, providing a highly concentrated source of the vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein you seek without the abundant calories, sugar, carbohydrate or fat you seek to avoid. It makes a delicious shake that, at less than 70 calories, also happens to be a highly nutritious ultra-low calorie meal replacement delivering 26 vitamins and minerals, as well as a healthy source of protein and fiber. For those counting "carbs", Secure Whey delivers only 7 grams of carbohydrate with 2 grams of healthy fiber.
Secure Whey makes it easier to enjoy a reduced caloric intake, while also ensuring an abundant supply of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and phytonutrients.
Nutrient-rich Secure Whey is designed to be more than the most extraordinary meal replacement on paper, but also the most impressive and delicious in your mouth as well.

Plus, Secure Whey provides between 50% and 200% of the RDA of 11 essential vitamins, plus 14 vital minerals, including 250 milligrams of Calcium. Controlling our intake of food can be difficult, but Secure's great taste and ultra-low calorie content makes it easy and enjoyable.

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