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When you are young, you can eat whatever the hell you want, IF, and only IF, you are playing sports and using heavy resistance training.
Some exercise physiologists say that the most anabolic hormone the body can produce is insulin. Looking for the right sports performance program to supplement your new diet of rice cakes and pastries? If you liked this article or want more content like it, make sure to COMMENT, LIKE, and FOLLOW us! Hunter Grindle, Owner and Head Trainer of Hybrid Fitness Systems, runs a private training studio out of Owls Head, Maine. Literally, I ate pizza, sandwiches, cereal and those amazing cookie sandwiches with frosting in the middle- YUM! As of late, fruit has been given a negative rep because of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). I wasn’t like most American’s today; overweight, I was in elite shape and was always curious why a lot of my counterparts were so chubby!

Every time you use heavier loads (4-12 reps) with a decent amount of volume (a minimum of 3 sets), the body requires more fuel to repair the damaged muscles.
His unique training philosophy includes the combination of High-Intensity Interval Training and Strength Training. I am going to go out on a limb and say what most healthcare professionals preach today is incorrect. As with any form of exercise, the body releases catabolic hormones (hormones that break things down), like cortisol, in order to get fuel into our working cells. If you consume these foods during off days or when you’re not working out as hard, you’ll probably turn that six pack into a pot belly! The longer the body stays in a catabolic state after a workout, the longer it will take to clear cortisol out of the body.
The faster sugar can get into the blood stream, the quicker the light switch is turned on to release insulin and start build muscle. If sugar is not consumed after a workout, one will remain in a catabolic state, aka not building your muscle until the body is able to return to its pre-workout homeostasis.

Many doctors today believe that HFCS is the result of our obesity epidemic- this is not farfetched. Eating a sandwich, chocolate milk or even a doughnut won’t kill you, it will actually help you look, and perform better! Insulin is released from the pancreas in various amounts depending on the amount of sugar that is released into the blood.
Fruit would be the healthier option for those concerned about white, refined products, but technically not as efficient as glucose.
Having 3-4 of these after a workout is super easy and not too filling, which will allow you to eat another meal within an hour or so. Remember if your goal is to put on size, you need to break down your muscle with volume training and eat a lot more!

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