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If you're looking for the best way to lose weight after a baby, try exercises such as the pelvic tilt and straight leg lifts as part of your resistance program. Hi, this is Sylvia Ferrero, and we're here at Billy Beck Personal Training Center in Western Florida, and today I'm going to show you how to lose weight after a pregnancy. So, one of the biggest things after you're pregnant is trying to get that belly down, and so I'm going to show you a couple of abdominal exercises to start that.
Notice, she's bringing her abs forward, her hips are tilting and then think of tilting them back, go ahead and tilt them back and it's almost like you're trying to flatten out the spine and tilting forward, holding for a second and tilting back, flattening out the spine.
So, it's almost like you're making a little tunnel and then you're going to flatten that out.

You're going to go into that pelvic tilt, flattening out the spine making sure it's completely flat against the ground and then you're going to squeeze the gluts raising the hips, perfect, straight up to the ceiling, make sure the knees don't go out, the knees are pointing straight up to the ceiling and the gluts are tight, abs are nice and tight and you're breathing through the chest.
You're going to come on up, tilt, come on up and hold it for a couple seconds and then come back down doing anywhere from 10 to 20 reps building it up slowly as you get stronger. So again you're going to flatten out get that pelvic tilt, abs are nice and tight, straighten out the one leg, toes are to your face and then go ahead keeping the knees straight, bringing the legs straight up towards your face, keeping the knees straight and then again flattening it out, bringing the leg down with a flat back, all the way down and you would do a set of 10 to 20 on these. And then again ladies, you know, after your pregnancy it's really important you're making sure you're eating right, you're very well hydrated. Any exercise program under the sun is not going to help you unless you're eating right and you're drinking plenty of water.

So make sure these are exercises you include within your resistance program and putting all that together is going to help you lose all that excess weight after your pregnancy.

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