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I didn't have time to meal prep or get to a gym so when folks say they don't have time I just don't buy it. The first part of 2013 I had signed up to be a Herbalife distributor so I had it in my head it was gonna be a simple thing, drink shakes and lose weight. I took all my shakes and supplements out to the field with me and 8 days later when I came home I hadn't opened ANY of them so I knew I was in trouble. I genuinely believe it's absolutely a result of laziness and being totally blind to the result of the mess carbs are causing.

Everytime we eat and everytime we feed our children we are either eating to be more healthy or eating to be less healthy, eating crap and feeding our kids crap it quite literally KILLING us. The cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity rates in America have pretty much followed the exact same path as the number of Fast-food restaurants and the number of times we eat at them. Nobody wants to believe they are committing suicide by food and nobody want to think they are hurting their kids but it's the truth, obviously we can't blame the fast-food of the world the restaurants don't move they don't force us to eat we are making a choice to eat garbage so let this be a WAKE UP. You wot have long term success until you understand NUTRITION  and ACTIVITY is how you lose weight and keep it off.

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