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They can eat chapatti, vegetable, pulses, soup, juice, fruits and salad of recommended category.
In general we got half kg weight loss results in every third day.  Remove your chronic disease also  Also useful and available with these problems -Jointpain,backpain,cervicalpain,arthritis,swelling,tiredness,restlessness,palpitation, , hypertension, breathlessness, acidity, gastric problem,ulcer constipation, menstruation problem,diabetes, general weakness,arteriosclerosis , heart problem etc. Sorry, with due regards we can not allowed outside food, snacks and any type of eatable which is harmful for you.  Naturopathy - Ayurveda  says-FOOD IS MEDICINE.

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No cold treatment is  necessary in winter.Que-I am a lady, feels uncomfortable alone at night.
We are sure you will found good  successful weight loss results.   ?  If you want to say anythingPl.

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