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If you are amongst those who don’t really like winter season due to the laziness of being in a warm blanket on the bed all the time, then you are exactly type me. Winters does make one lazier and fatter (& i for one feel hungry 24\7 during winters !!!) but all the more reason to get out for a run or walk !! You’ve just made your New Years resolutions list for 2016, and at the top of that list is getting in shape. We understand that getting to the gym and keeping a regular workout routine can be daunting and difficult to balance among your busy day-to-day responsibilities. About Contentment Health Contentment Health is a healthy lifestyle magazine designed to help you find the well-being you need and the life you want here in Stanislaus County.
Try indulging in better snacking options like go for 2 minute popcorns rather than 2 minute Maggie. In winters if your workout activity is lowered then you can opt for drinking warm water after your every meal or whenever you feel like.
I love going for jogs or walks in winters as the winter morning sun feels like heaven on my face !! Gaining strength, losing weight, and toning doesn’t just stem from a balanced and nutritious diet.
That is why we came up with five simple actions to take to help you get in shape and stay in shape for the New Year! Set a goal: Whether it is a number on the scale or a half marathon, setting a short term goal can help motivate you to continue with your workouts. Find a buddy: Research has shown that working out with a partner will keep you motivated and accountable, helping you reach your goals faster.

Mark your calendar: Treat your workout like any other commitment you may have in your life. Incorporate variety: Doing the same thing over and over again can end up being discouraging and cause you to burn out. Instead ask your trainer to suggest you some fast indoor workout that you can do at home or plan out any indoor location with your trainer so that your workout is not missed. Though eating right is crucial, a proper fitness routine is very important when seeking results.
Create a print out of that goal and put it on your dresser, door, refrigerator, or anywhere that may help remind of you of what you are working towards.
You will also have a more fun and enjoyable workout as you catch up and gossip about the latest episode of Scandal. Pencil it in your calendar or set a reminder on your phone, so you don’t miss that cycling class or daily jog around the neighborhood. If you haven’t hit the gym in a while, a 60-minute run on the treadmill may not be the best idea.
But during winters when all of the girls are crazy to lose some weight and get in shape for new year parties , I become really lazy and hate getting out of my so cute and cozy blanket.
Though we are all very hungry during winters and it is said that winter season is to build up your health but not by gaining unwanted weight. Good fat intake is equally important for your body because it fights bad fat and cellulite.
Keep a stock of those options at home like masala oats, cornflakes low fat so that you can fill your stomach the healthy way.

A little jumping, dancing, stairs can move your body really well and burn good amount of calories. It may be designating each day of the week to a different muscle group or just a simple switch of trying out new ways to get your heart pumping. Eat at home more often, as often as you can, invite your friends and family members at home for a lovely house party, have a camp fire at your terrace and cooking at home with friends would also be equally interesting. Salmon and nuts contain high level of omega-3 fatty acids that can improve your skin tone and lower your cholesterol level. Choose to have tights with fabric that keeps you warm inside and has cold air protecting material outside otherwise you can catch cold really fast. Pamper yourself really well in winters, take good care of your skin and hair because winters are all about affecting your body from outside as you have common issues like dry ,patchy skin, frizzy , dry hair, and weight issues. Even if you gout for dining, then make sure you order small portions and do not order sweet dish after your main course. If you are in mood to have some sweet taste then avoid having cup cakes, pastries and instead go for a half bowl of ice-cream. If you feel hungry, have these nuts as these are a healthy option and would provide you instant energy.

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