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All content is copyright © 2009-2016 The Beauty Look BookAll rights reserved, please do not use, take, copy or republish images or content without written permission. Your browser is severely outdated Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. I was 5 in 1991 so I’ve lived pretty much all of my life since then, but a l share things with your list (Battled depression) and am still working on others (Finishing college).
And I’m not even big on wearing pigmented lip colors but this palette looks AMAZING. Since then, Sharon Stone, 54, and Carol Vorderman, 51, have been seen looking bare-faced and beautiful.A a€?Too much make-up shrinks your features and makes skin appear dry,a€™ says make-up artist Kim Jacob.
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I've been waiting for this kit since August when I saw the press release and previews in the Neiman Marcus book. Comment moderation is enabled please do not leave links to blogs, advertising, giveaways etc.

No breaks until I finish swatching all 20 lipsticks in the new Bobbi Brown 1991 Lip Palette ($60). Bobbi Brown finally chose the very first celebrity ambassador of her world renowned cosmetics brand.
While most press photos showed this kit in the black packaging, mine arrived in silver from Neimans. I can remember so many things about that year clearly: finishing high school, moving away to college and fumbling my way through it all. It's a true intense deep black that doesn't go on grey or blue (like most other blacks do).
It made the perfect look for a night out (went perfectly with a little black dress) last week when my husband and I celebrated our four year anniversary. I like that the shades are quite different from other Kaleidoscopes released in the last couple of years.
She is an epitome of a modern day woman who can effectively balance her life as a celebrity, entrepreneur and mother.

When I first saw it, I was concerned that it might give me a pink-eye look with all the pinks. I matched it with a sheer pink cheek (Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink + 24k Shimmer Brick) and a rosy pink lip (Chanel Stresa Aqualumiere plus Bon Bon lipgloss, both discontinued). She is one of the very few celebrities I knew when I was a kid since my sisters loved Dawson's Creek. Use a rosy pink or peach-toned creamy blush and smooth it outA towards the ears for a full,A fresh look.

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