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10 Important Things Indian Couples Should Do Immediately After Their Wedding But They Don't! Thanks to all the dance reality shows in India, breakdance or b-boying, has gained a great fan base. Zumba to lose weight: There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good!
Zumba is exactly for all those restless souls who demand euphoria, I am one of them, I feel depressed if I had to sit at one place for long.  I always keep fidgeting- be it in the kitchen, classes or any other place. It is a latin-dance inspired fitness program, which uses the principles of resistance training and fitness interval training to increase caloric output and all-body toning. It involves dance and aerobics elements.
The idea behind combining easy dance steps in a fitness program is to help those who have a negative association with exercise and fitness re-framing their attitude about fitness and exercise.

There are many different variations to zumba programs for different segments (old age, kids, would-be mums, new mums, fit, not-so-fit, obese, strength trainers etc). If you are looking for a out of the tread mill way to cardio then you are definitely going to enjoy this power workout or let me not call it a workout.
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I so wanted to try Zumba but you know in Wakad I hardly find any gym forget about zumba instructors!
Dance elements like hip-hop, samba, soca, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, bollywood, squats and lunges etc. And say you are definitely going to enjoy this power dance which will also help you burn a lot of calories and lose weight.

This fitness form is really fun to learn, we just need to follow the instructor and keep up with the flow. I dont know how to swim but we do this in the 3-4 feet pool n it tones up the body like nobody’s business!! I think that a comic strip featuring Calvin, a preternaturally bright six year-old, and Hobbes, his imaginary tiger friend, features some of the most lucid sentences committed to print.

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