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Well I couldn’t try and test lots of diets without giving the dreaded Cabbage Soup Diet Plan a run out could I?
So after spending most of Saturday making soup for this week and for another soup plan I am trying in a couple of weeks I am already sick to death of soup that is for sure.
Plus to me soup should be paired up with lots of thick white bread and butter – something that is certainly not allowed on The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan!
If you don’t have a copy of the Low Calorie Cabbage Soup Recipe then click on the link for a free copy from our recipes section.
When we made up the Cabbage Soup recipe we found that it worked out at 846 calories in total and based on the amounts I had below it was just over 50 calories a portion. So after a disappointing weigh in this morning I am determined to make it through my cabbage soup diet plan without cheating. Breakfast or mid morning snack is half a mug of cabbage soup and a medium apple and I cant quite believe that I have a week of this.
Dinner is another half a mug of red soup along with Dominic’s gorgeous fruit salad made up of apples and oranges. Trying to remember to drink all this water that is required of me is hard work and no diet coke is going to be the worst part.
So I am normally up at 7am yet I have to drag myself out of bed at 9.30am and feel so tired and exhausted.
Today is day three and today is a combination of Monday and Tuesday minus the jacket potato.
Today is the first day when I feel properly satisfied with my diet of bananas and skimmed milk.
I drink a full one litre of milk and can’t remember a time ever that I have drank this much milk. Here we are on Friday and I can officially eat meat and my favourite food in the world – tomatoes.
I have the choice of either fish, beef or chicken today and as I am having beef tomorrow I opt for chicken. Today is also the first day that I manage some exercise and I head out to the tennis club and do 45 minutes of tennis in the sunshine and it is a lovely feeling.
Tonight is steak and vegetables and I am really looking forward to some good quality lean red meat. Unfortunately no matter where I look or shop I can not source any brown rice anywhere for my diet today so I have looked at alternatives and not really found anything that grabs me so I am going to just have vegetables and soup today.

Now I feel really rough this morning and can’t make it out of bed before 11.15am and keep going dizzy when I get up too fast. So I am so sick of bowls of soup so today I am pouring it into mugs and treating it like lots of cup a soups. So I step on the scales and the Wii (which always takes forever) reads a weight loss of 3.2 kilos or half a stone for my American readers.
Now this has to be my personal record I have never ever been on a weight loss programme that has had that much of a rapid impact.
I am soon getting over hell week with the results and I can see now why people follow these rapid weight loss diets!
I couldn’t do the Cabbage Soup very often because of all the side effects but it was a brilliant kick that my emotions needed. I have counted up my calories over the last week and even though I didn’t do any exercise I only consumed 3897 calories and it works out at 556 calories a day which on paper doesn’t sound that bad but I still hated every minute of it!
When we are talking about cabbage diet then the first what comes into the mind is the cabbage soup diet.
Lately, this diet has become very popular, maybe it thanks to importance that it has gained from celebrities who are taking it.
The main advantage of cabbage soup diet is that you are allowed to eat cabbage soup whenever you want in the daytime, and also there are no limits on that how much you can eat it, is that not a great tip for a diet?! It is recommended to take this diet no longer than seven days because it contains too little of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and protein!
The main component of this diet is cabbage soup which you have to eat at least once every day, but as your only food in these seven days cannot be just cabbage soup, let’s take a look what else is included in an allowed food list! Day 2: Again, you can go for two large bowls of cabbage soup with low calorie cooked veggies except the corn, beans, and peas. Day 3: The cabbage soup consumption continues with an amalgamation of fruits and veggies from the previous day.
Day 4: On this day too, the soup consumption continues with eight bananas and two large glasses of skimmed or low fat milk. Day 7: Final day gives you the choice of unlimited cooked and fresh veggies, brown rice, and above all unsweetened fruit juices along with the cabbage soup.
So I am going to have vegetables for dinner and fruit this evening and see if I feel any better. And he is right I cant believe how a lack of calories can make you feel so stupid, so tired and rude to people.

I must confess that when I have followed the cabbage soup diet in the past I have cheated a lot so this time I am doing it by the letter. The bananas are surprisingly filling and even though I can have up to 8 today I only actually manage 6. Its incredibly hot here in July and August and unlike last year when we spent the entire time on Ice cream this year between us we have lost 18.5 pounds! Not because I cheated but because when you have put your body through this you want to see amazing results. There is a certain buzz off a 7 pound weight loss that is so high that in the evening I am still feeling it.
And my posts are all about be battling the pounds and getting back to the size 10 I was when I met my husband 13 years ago. You can also quench your thirst with water, black coffee, unsweetened tea, and cranberry juice. Other than the plain cabbage soup, you can have chicken, beef, fresh tomatoes and about 8 large glasses of water. 7 days of eating certain foods while you crave anything but the soup and end up hating soup for life in the process.
Dominic is in the kitchen making me my first mug of soup for the day and thankfully later today I can have some vegetables as I am sick to death of fruit! I feel so tired at the moment and can’t believe how little energy I have and I am only on day three. I am sure if I was doing this for more than a week he would be taking me to marriage guidance. Though I cant manage to have as much soup as others I know that follow the cabbage soup diet. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a low-fat, high-fiber diet that will help you get into shape fast before you getting board.

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