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The problem with diet programs, and crash diets in general is nearly all of them encourage lower calorie diets for faster weightloss.
Before you interject here… “WELL, LEXXA, I followed a diet like that and I have lost weight! In the early stages of a low-cal diet you will typically see a drop in the scale from increased fluid loss. All that is required to lose weight is eating the right amount of food, a positive mindset, and of course exercise regularly. These diets also can cause various long term and short term health problems, physical and sometimes mental. I wasn’t educated on nutrition or weightloss, I just thought it was the way weightloss was done.
The diet industry has everyone thinking they have to be eating even less than a domesticated dog to see any type of change. I was destroying myself mentally and physically and I decided I had to make a change and quickly, before my problem developed into something much worse.

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