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Freezing greek yogurt is a perfectly fine thing to do, and it will extend its shelf life by several months.
To use your frozen yogurt you should remove the bag or container from the freezer and place it in the fridge. How long your greek yogurt lasts depends on a couple of factors. First and foremost the storage conditions.
Samantha Olson Samantha Olson is a writer-reader-runner cliche with a passion for nutrition and health management.
David Katz, MD, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, eats it every day for breakfast, topped with berries and whole-grain cereal. Thicker yogurt, strained to remove the whey, has been part of many cultures’ cuisines for ages.
Greek yogurt fills you up with protein, not calories—a container of non-fat only has about 100. Protein researcher Heather Leidy, PhD, assistant professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at University of Missouri, agrees.“We’ve examined the beneficial effects of eating Greek yogurt as an afternoon snack and reported greater satiety—fullness—and a greater delay wanting to eat again compared to regular yogurt,” she says. The diet-worthy dairy is also versatile, and it stands up just as well in your chip dip as in Dr. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, but are trying to eat healthy, this dip is your new best friend. One of the problems with the frozen meals (Lean Cuisines, etc) was that I would be hungry again in 1-2 hours after eating lunch. A tip that I learned a long time ago was to spend 1 hour doing food prep after grocery shopping.
I cooked everything up and let it simmer for awhile and then used my immersion blender to get the soup creamy. The one downside of the immersion blender–I did get splattered a few times when I used the fast speed.
I got 5 GENEROUS servings out of this recipe instead of 4, which made the calories more like 165 calories instead of 200+. One of the things the Slow Carb diet taught me (or reminded me of, either way) was how magical beans are. Michael buys our chicken, ground turkey and pork chops at Costco and puts them in the freezer.
Some other things we buy at Costco because we eat a lot of it and it’s cheaper to buy it in bulk are eggs, string cheese (easy snacks), plain Greek yogurt and hummus. I can’t stress enough how much it has helped me NOT having trigger foods in my house and always having healthy options around.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. While tacos are often known for their unhealthy toppings, you can easily lighten this dish by substituting yogurt for sour cream. Sorry to say, but just because it has the word spinach in it doesn't mean this is a light treat. Check out Fitness magazine's recipe, which substitutes plain Greek yogurt for cream or butter.
For a lighter coleslaw, try replacing some of the mayo with Greek yogurt to make up for the loss in moisture.
Deviled eggs are another mayo-heavy food that can easily be less so with a Greek yogurt substitution.
You can use it in a ton of recipes, it’s healthy, and there are some amazing brands out there. There’s nothing wrong with freezing unopened containers, but the yogurt might expand in the freezer. All rights reserved.Medical Daily is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
That’s because it’s filled with calcium, potassium and, of course, lots of protein—which every expert we spoke to mentioned.
Without that whey weighting it down, Greek yogurt comes with less sugar than regular yogurt, as long as you stick with the plain stuff, says Shivani Sahni, PhD, an instructor at Harvard Medical School. While Greek yogurt is a nutrition powerhouse, according to our experts, its probiotic promises may be overhyped.
Even better, it takes less than five minutes to throw together, and is appropriate for an afternoon snack, a casual get-together among friends, and – dare I say it – even breakfast.
I definitely would not feel guilty after devouring a bowl full of this dip and fresh fruit..
I’ve always been a fan of veggies but for some reason I recently started craving them.
For awhile I was doing carrots, onions, broccoli and pre-chopped butternut squash from Trader Joe’s. This could have easily been 6 servings for dinner–with maybe some crunchy French bread and a salad.
This works great for me when I’m running late and want to grab something quick and easy for lunch.

I either make tuna salad sandwiches or I add the plain tuna on top of salads for some protein. Those usually take some planning to defrost but it’s nice having a complete meal always available.
This is not to say there are not days when I grab some tortilla chips instead of Greek yogurt and fruit, but I do my best. It's a dairy product that has it all: It's nutritionally dense, filled with protein and healthy fats, and contains less sugar than most commercial yogurts.
Greek yogurt is mixed with hard-boiled egg yolk and miso paste for a really upscale, satiating appetizer. Blatner suggests modifying a traditional Ranch dip, using Greek yogurt for an even lighter, more protein-packed snack. Use [as a] veggie dip or add lemon juice (to thin it out) and use as salad dressing," Blatner tells HuffPost.
Open a can of tuna, take out some leftover potatoes or chicken from last night's dinner, and whip up a lighter version of your favorite summer salad. Though sometimes we buy or make too much greek yogurt to have all at once, and there just aren’t enough people around to eat all the awesome greek yogurt pancakes or smoothies we make. Eating greek yogurt after it has thawed is just as good for you as eating it straight away. The live active cultures in yogurt serve as a preservative, but once these die off mold can start to form. The stuff is so popular that if Greek yogurt were a band, it wouldn’t be cool to like them anymore.
I made a switch in my diet and started incorporating more veggies in my diet to satisfy that craving and I found that I was really enjoying roasted vegetables for lunch during the week. I get home from the store and I take the time to chop the vegetables and on Sunday nights Michael and I cook up various meats (like pork sausage for breakfasts for the week, chicken breasts for lunches, etc).
They have tons of really healthy options, a rotating menu and they post the nutritional information for the meals.
Peel and chop 4 cups carrots. In a medium stockpot, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium heat.
I didn’t find one specifically from Whole Foods but I found a bunch of options and settled on this one to try first.
I love having a variety of beans in our pantry because in a pinch, I always have a meal I can make.
Dinners are a protein + salad and + steamed veggie (and yes, it’s usually broccoli!).
Winter is approaching, so the veggies I am starting to buy and keep handy are things like squash and cauliflower.
When you get used to having healthy foods in the house, it becomes a habit and not really a hard choice to grab that apple or string cheese.
It may earn the title of valedictorian, too -- Greek yogurt is incredibly rich and tart, and it gives recipes a really nice bite.
Full fat or reduced fat mayo can be substituted with an equal amount of plain nonfat Greek yogurt.
Freezing some and saving it for later sounds like a good idea, but can you freeze greek yogurt? Don’t ever consume yogurt that has gone bad, you should throw away the entire container!
Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and a researcher of all things bacteria.
Add some antioxidant-rich cocoa powder, ground flax seeds for texture, and peanut butter, and you have an amazing-tasting, guilt-free dish on your hands.
It makes it so much easier to make a good choice when looking to make something to eat quickly. Plus I don’t have to mess with pouring things into a blender and then spilling it all over the place. My snacks are a daily rotation of whatever fruits are in season and dinners are a protein + seasonal veggie. The ground turkey is good for turkey burgers (pre-make the patties and freeze them for easy cooking later), taco night, taco salads, enchiladas or turkeyloaf.
If you're a fan (the chances are likely -- Americans spent $1.6 billion on the stuff in 2012), you might be used to sweetly spooning up the stuff for breakfast -- adding fruit, oatmeal or cereal.
The only thing I changed: I used the Light Coconut Milk instead of the full fat like the recipe said. I learned that lesson the hard way and now I almost never add salt to recipes I make when using these ingredients.
I’m sure they used fresh ginger (I used powdered) and they probably used the full fat coconut milk.
The yogurt will separate, and I can definitely recommend stirring it a couple of times before you have some.
I use a little bit of olive oil or the spray-on coconut oil from Trader Joe’s, then use salt, pepper and the Costco no-salt seasoning.

I blended up the carrot mixture until it was the consistency of baby food then I added the curry paste and coconut milk. I hadn’t expected having to add sweetener because carrots are already so sweet but the soup was just a tad on the bitter side. NOT having junk food in the house makes it easier to choose a healthy snack if that’s the only option! This is a very nice way to consume Greek yogurt, but you can maximize its creamy, protein-packed power in savory dishes, too. It can lighten up cheesy dishes and even replace mayonnaise, oil and butter while adding a welcomed sharp flavor. And they come out delicious, perfectly cooked (although the sweet potatoes are often a little softer than the rest of the veggies). If you feel like you could be one of those people, don’t worry! Just use your defrosted yogurt in smoothies, marinate and other recipes, you won’t notice the difference!
Oh yeah, freezing greek yogurt will not produce the popular and well-known ice cream dessert. The popularity of the high protein, low-fat product only began to gain its popularity less than 10 years ago thanks to its rich benefits and wide-variety of flavors and ingredient potential in the kitchen. However, it wasn’t always like this, and the industry has deceived consumers with high-sugar levels that turn it into a junk food, making it almost as bad as a Snickers bar or tub of ice cream. There are guidelines to stick to when sorting out health illusionists from brands that have stayed true to their consumers’ health.Hamilton Colwell combined his background in food science and finance to pursue the Greek yogurt industry in 2007 after creating a homemade batch of yogurt for his pregnant cousin. It was then he had foresight into a niche market of yogurt created with the needs of women in mind, but that was only the beginning for the new Maia yogurt brand. His creation, a Greek yogurt blend of local grass-fed milk and real fruit, contains over 90 billion cultures of healthy probiotics.
He armed himself with a registered dietician, diary experts from Cornell’s School of Agriculture and Life Science, along with scientists to find a balance between healthy and tasty. The startup went from producing 10,000 cups a month to the company’s current 100,000 cups a week, with an exponential growth and a contract with Whole Foods in 2013. Read The List Of IngredientsWhen choosing any type of food that’s not naturally made, it’s important to check the labels. To make yogurt, all you need is milk and two live bacterial cultures, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which turn the milk into yogurt through a fermentation process. A long list of ingredients is one of the first red flags of a chemical-filled plastic cup disguised as a reliable and healthy food.2. Watch Your Sugars, Including The FruitSugar is the enemy today and if you’re trying to cut back on the number of sugar grams listed on the label, don’t be dissuaded by the yogurt’s serving size. Yogurt derives much of its sugar from naturally occurring milk, known as lactose and also the fresh or blended fruit inside.
Currently, labels don’t differentiate between naturally occurring sugars and added sugars which are thrown in during or after the yogurt-making process is complete. The FDA has proposed to create a new section on yogurt labels that will identify the amount of added sugar put into products so you know what you’re consuming, but until then look at the label and avoid any yogurt products that list sugar as the first or second ingredient.“We are in full support of a transparent nutrition label,” Colwell said, who also believes Americans would eventually realize the amount of sugar they were eating in unhealthy proportions and he was ready to supply them with a product that used small amounts of natural cane sugar. Know Your Daily Calcium PercentagesYogurt is on every list for the best food source for calcium, which is the most abundant mineral in the human body and is necessary for the structural support of bone and teeth. In order to get the recommended 1,000 milligrams (mg) a day for adults, the National Institutes of Health recommends getting calcium from food sources before relying on supplements to do the rest of the work. Yogurt can help you achieve the necessary requirements, with its average 8-ounce cup providing 452mg of calcium. Look at the back of your label and shoot for one that provides at least 15 percent of the daily value of calcium per serving.4. Learn About Probiotics And CulturesProbiotics are good bacteria living inside your digestive track and are the key to yogurt’s health benefits, but not all bacteria in yogurt sold in your supermarket has “live and active cultures” because some companies will treat their yogurt with heat.
The heating process will kill off bacteria, reduce the tartness, and increase its shelf life.
Not every company that earns this seal use it on their product because they want to avoid label crowding and busyness.5. Separate The Non-GMOs From GMOsGenetically modified organisms are plants or animals created through genetic engineering that cannot occur in nature or through traditionally crossbreeding.
It’s an experimental technology that can create unstable combinations of plants and animals with unpredictable side effects. Currently, more than 40 types of plants have been genetically modified, which is used to make corn sweeter, apples redder, salmon mature faster, and foods virus resistant, among others, according to Scitable, a Nature periodical. Chobani posted a statement on its website that explained the reason its yogurt is genetically modified is because the company requires a high volume of milk and there isn’t enough organic milk available to meet consumer demand. Whole Foods will require labels on all genetically modified foods carried in its grocery stores by 2018, but currently has 250 non-GMO brands to choose from.

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