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You will receive backstage access to special features, articles, promotions and special events and more!! Bread contains vitamin B and iron, but if you eat too much bread, you’re probably going to gain some weight. Bread doesn’t contain too many calories (79 calories in a large slice), but if you eat it with every meal- you’ll significantly increase your calorie intake. If you eat one slice of bread for breakfast, one English muffin as a snack, one slice of bread for lunch and another for dinner, you’re consuming extra 454 calories per day. After 11 weeks of preparation, the day is finally here as our bride and groom Annie and Gareth get hitched LIVE on the show!

With the weather starting to improve it's time to get our legs ready for those warmer days. And we'll have the bleep button on standby as the zesty Keith Lemon returns to This Morning for another dose of mayhem. Ferne provided today's Best Bits, not once but TWICE - and watch out McCann because Holly's got an idea for you, and it involves a fake moustache! Our resident Gossip Girl Ferne McCann dishes out the latest showbiz news, shows off her Cup Song skills and wows Phillip (maybe) with her uncanny Rihanna impression.
But the partnership officially got the attention of women around the world this week when the icon Tweeted four of the most beautiful words in the English language.

We’ll also have a quick chat with Gok, Bryony and Percy about the final finishing touches to the bride!
Whether you have a special occasion - like our TM wedding today - or just want to dare to bare, Good Housekeeping’s Beauty editor Eve Cameron joins us with the latest hair removal products, top exfoliating tips and best instant tanners. If you are calling from a business phone, please check with your provider whether there will be a charge to connect you to our phone-in line.

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