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NUTRITION is a HUGE component of any healthy lifestyle, but during high stress, high demand events and training such as TOUGH MUDDER, it is essential that your diet supports and nourishes your body and remains at high priority. Printable tracking sheets - there are guides for all ages and genders with convenient check-boxes to tick off as you eat the servings.  you could even get your kids involved with their own charts! Federal NDP agriculture critic Malcolm Allen says experts, not food industry representatives, should set guidelines for what Canadians eat. He spoke at a debate about Canada's Food Guide earlier this year, hosted by the Canadian Obesity Network.

Restaurants appeal to appetites and bring in business by eliciting huge portions, ensuring no body goes home feeling hungry!
An issue that arises because of this is over eating, weight gain and an imbalance of energy in vs energy out. Based on this information we challenge you to modifying your meal sizes and portions according to the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide and see what differences you feel in your energy levels! You will analyze your eating habits, your exercise routine, and you will create a Personal Stress Strategy .

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