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Josh Patrick has several years of teaching and training experience, both in the academy and the private sector. As part of a regular exercise routine, running improves endurance and aerobic fitness levels.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half a million Americans die each year as a direct result of smoking. He presented original work at the 20th Century Literature Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Smokers have a difficult time maintaining high levels of activity because of poor heart and lung functioning. Quitting smoking provides both immediate and long-term benefits, not the least of which is a potentially longer lifespan. Smokers' heart rates are less likely to increase to the appropriate level during exercise, a warning sign of future cardiac problems.

Patrick worked for three years on the editorial board for "Inscape," his alma mater's literary magazine.
For those who wish to kick their habit, running and other forms of exercise may improve both their odds of success and their physical recovery from the ravages of smoking. The heart pumps that blood to and from the extremities at a greater rate as it becomes accustomed to regular exercise. Support groups and professional therapy are available to help with the mental aspect of the addiction. Lung function and circulation both improve in as little as two weeks after your last cigarette. Pharmaceutical companies have developed drugs to ease the cravings and mood swings during the early stages of quitting.
Ten years after quitting, your chances of dying of lung cancer are half that of a continuing smoker.

One of the causes of fatigue during exercise is the build-up of waste products, like carbon dioxide, within the muscles. Exercise improves lung function in non-smokers, so it's conceivable that lung recovery in ex-smokers will be aided by running or jogging.
Lifestyle changes, including adding an exercise routine, may go a long way in helping you quit smoking permanently.
Regular exercise trains your body to deliver oxygen and expel carbon dioxide more efficiently than a sedentary person's body.

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