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We know there’s lot of great health reasons to have a vegan diet and the environment will thank you for it also… but what about choosing vegan foods purely for the delicious treats or exciting new ingredients? There are lots of cereals out there to choose from, let alone mueslis and sometimes the choice is just too much to fathom! Amaranth is an ancient plant, around 8,000 years old, and was once a staple of the Aztec and Inca diet.
Most of the synthetic sugars are difficult for the body to process and eliminate, so they often get stored as fat. All grain grown under the Kamut trademark is certified organic, containing between 12-18% protein and high in the mineral selenium, which plays a role in the functioning of the thyroid gland. Kamut contains gluten so is not suitable for coeliacs, however some with allergies to common wheat may find they can tolerate it. How sulphur dioxide (also known as SO2 or sulfur dioxide) is used in food preservation. A guide to managing sulphite sensitivity including the foods to avoid and which to actively seek out. Eating well on a tight budget can be tricky, but here’s our hints and tips for making your cash stretch while still getting tasty, healthy food. Apples originated in Central Asia but have been cultivated through Europe for thousands of years.
A recent study which looked at more than 65 000 randomly selected people for the Health Survey for England has shown that the protective effects on health of eating fruit and vegetables rise the more portions you eat.
How to use coconuts, the difference between the different oils, butters and creams and how to open a fresh coconut.
An article on promoting and maintaining good gut health, including diet suggestions and a look at a low FODMAP diet.
The citrus family is also known as the rue family, it's official name is Rutaceae, buy them here. Jokes aside, oats are highly nutritious, survive in hardy conditions (that’s why many of ours are locally grown) and can be used in a huge array of recipes.

Have you recently discovered a gluten intolerance? Real Foods is here to make your transition to a gluten-free diet as easy as gluten-free pie. As fresh as Spring Time – put colourful clothes on, pick up green vegetables and catch the early sunshine.
Real Foods really is the oasis you've been looking for when it comes to healthy refreshment during the Festival period. If you follow a raw food diet or are simply looking for ways to eat more raw foods, we have everything you need - from a huge selection of fresh organic fruit and vegetables to convenient raw food alternatives to your usual snacks. Real Foods has its roots in organic fruit and vegetables, beginning with a market stall selling organic produce almost 50 years ago. Fresh, seasonal, organic fruit and veg are still at the core of our business, and we keep prices affordable so everyone can enjoy quality organic produce without breaking the bank. So many different branded varieties, with so many different ingredients and not all of them good.
Clearspring were set up in 1993 and provide organic and premium quality Japanese and European foods skilfully prepared by artisan and professional producers. It is sometimes used as a preservative for dried apricots and other dried fruits owing to its antimicrobial properties. There can be a lot of confusion over the differences between sulphites, sulphates, sulfur and sulfa.
Following the inevitable excesses of the festive season, we all feel rather compelled to hurl ourselves in the opposite direction of utmost healthiness and efficiency. Perhaps you're vegan and would like to know a few substitutions for binding, leavening or adding moisture to recipes. Helping to balance blood sugar levels, strengthen your bones and lower cholesterol, they're also used in desserts and baking. Includes advice on probiotics, both supplements and naturally probiotic and fermented foods. Chocolate, coffee, vanilla, some teas, pickles, vinegar, cheese and yoghurt are all fermented foods.

The konjac plant from Japan is used for a range of pasta, noodle and rice products, all low in calories and high in soluble fibre.
It is also very easy to make so why not try creating your own raw almond milk (you will need a muslin bag or a nut milk bag). Research continues to make breakthroughs in treatment and diagnosis and the death rates are falling which is good news, the even better news is that you can make small dietary changes to improve your prostate health.
Breadshare are a community interest company located in Portobello, Edinburgh, they were originally started in 2012 at Whitmuir Farm in Lamancha (around 16 miles from central Edinburgh) . With that in mind, you might consider creating your own muesli, tailored to your dietary requirements and not forgetting one to excite your palate.
We think there's a healthier, and more realistic balance, for this slightly sluggish, bleak time of year, so here we have some items to help ease you into 2016 without the extremes. Here's our list of alternatives with a handy infographic or try one of these ready-made egg replacers in our webshop.
Then there’s alcohol, sauerkraut, kombucha, sourdough and kefir, again all fermented! This means that they not only provide organic, nutrient-dense foods, but also support ethical and organic farming practices. This is a guide to the various ingredients in muesli and advice on how to create the perfect bircher muesli. We've also a guide to making your own turmeric and castor oil pack to cleanse and rebalance the liver and gallbladder areas, popular with followers of Ayurvedic medicine.

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