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The effect of ingestion of green tea (GT) extract along with a low-energy diet (LED) on health-related blood parameters, and the relationships among changes in metabolic parameters and phases of weight loss were assessed. Community Medicine Research Center and Institute of Public Health, National Yang Ming University, Peitou, Taipei, Taiwan.
Between July 2004 and June 2005, a cross-sectional study was performed to determine the prevalence and patterns of anti-obesity medicine use among subjects seeking obesity treatment in Taiwan. Eighteen obesity outpatient clinics were selected via a random stratified sampling method and 1,060 first-visit clients (791 females and 269 males) aged above 18 years were enrolled and then completed a self-administered questionnaire.
The LED-period consisted of a phase 1 of 4 weeks (days 4-32) followed by a phase 2 of 8 weeks (days 32-87).
No significant differences were observed between the blood parameters of the PLAC and GT group.

In conclusion, the prevalence of anti-obesity drugs use is high among Taiwanese adults before they seek obesity treatment. Taken together, GT supplementation during a LED had no effect on health-related blood parameters.
Initial improvements in several blood measures at day 32 were reversed by day 87, despite continued weight loss.

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