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I was terrified of not being with my son and his father, so I changed my life.I was 220 pounds and now I am 145 pounds. She says: - Not that the numbers matter, but I’ve lost 35 pounds since the August photo was taken. On cheat days: - I do not believe in “cheat” days because it’s so easy to slip into old habits with a full day devoted to unhealthy eating. What she usually eats for lunch: It varies, but it’s usually a grain, veggies, and maybe a small piece of fruit. The best thing that has changed about her life since committing to a healthy lifestyle: - My confidence in my abilities has soared.
Isadora lost 70 pounds in 8 months by creating a calorie deficit with healthy foods and running every day. Anonymous, age 20, lost almost 15 pounds in 3 months by eating more healthily and working out. Click here to see more of her before & after weight photos and to read her weight loss success story. As a young teenager and all the way into my adult hood I have suffered extreme eating disorders ranging from body dysmorphia, anorexia nervosa and bulimia.
My road to weight loss began when I made that firm decision to remove myself from that negative environment along with something I would have never believed would help me.
So, I began to research how to eat better,  had my surgery, began eating healthier, and recovered. Now that I have gone through my own personal up and down hill battle of weight loss over years of  trial and errors. Hi Somaya, You have a beautiful heart and your inspiring many people including me, Im a rap tress myself and an actress and model. Pls help me I just had a baby 8 months ago n I weight the same pundits just like in last Tage of my 9 months pregnancy. Somaya, I am a Crohns patient and I have been suffering with my illness since I was 12 (now 21).
So far, it’s been 1 year and 14 months from the moment I changed my eating habits and 10 since I began excising. Plus this is a lifestyle, so I don’t want to indulge in a lot of junk because that just sounds gross to me. I’m definitely not perfect, and still struggle with binging way more often than I want to, but I am the smallest and fittest that I have ever been.

After battling my weight for many years I decided to share my personal journey with full transparency. The combination and lack of knowledge on a healthy way of living brought me to this place now.
This was only 4 years ago. My weight gain at the time was due to a lifestyle change and depression. For many years I suffered with extreme back pain, painful bruising on my shoulders around my bra strap area due to my large breasts. By the time I was ready to get back into the world I was 21 pounds slimmer  by eating clean through weeks of trial and error.
I have 3 year old baby and I’ve had a hard life but you gave me hope a few times,so thank you god bless you you are in my prayers. I didn’t count calories like a crazy person, but I tried not to exceed 1200 calories a day. Which is sharing my personal journey into a successful weight loss, weight maintenance and  healthy way of living. When my doctor allowed me to have some physical activity I began to walk in my neighborhood park and to the store. I’m proud to say I did it 100% natural, without pills, surgery, crash diets, etc…just hard work. The doctor told me that if I decided to get my breast reduction, that it was imperative I learn  healthy low calorie eating habits. I believe I have tried everything possible to loose weight and don’t seem to be getting any where.
Your story has inspired me to get back on track and show the world what I’m working with!
About a year ago I was having frequent heart palpitations, which prompted me to visit my family doctor. I don’t support fad diets because really the best way to do this is to eat healthy and be active. After 9 months of a healthy lifestyle, I am finally able to enjoy a diet of 80% whole, clean foods.
The lifestyle in New York was not as active as my lifestyle in L.A where I often hike or jump into my car and drive to the gym. The reason being is because he said I needed to be in recovery for 8-9 weeks due to the fact that I am a performer and my recovery process is much longer than a normal patient.

This motivated me to continue my  new lifestyle I had accidentally discovered and so I did. You can do it too, and I am here to help you with my tips by sharing a realistic approach to fitness. I try to eat healthy which means eating whole grain foods, almond milk, more proteins and less carbs, fruits and vegetables. Not knowing anyone in combination with being in work environments that was filled with extreme negativity, hostility, and verbal abusive.
In short, imagine being bed ridden for 9 weeks, forbidden to work out, without eating healthy?
She did an EKG on me and discovered I had A fib (Atrial fibrillation or flutter is a common type of abnormal heartbeat).
His mind manipulation, verbal and physical abuse along with a very difficult personal loss began a spiral down a dark hole of multiple eating disorders. He beat me into unconsciousness, leaving me for dead in a pool of my blood after he sliced my head open, knocked out my teeth, crushed my temple and right cheek bone.
The traumatizing effects of the psychological manipulation that took place lead me into a deep depression filled with nightly – night terrors, severe anxiety,  a broken spirit and mental trauma. I lost half my body by staying focused, determined and I did it on my own without the help of professional trainers or nutritionists. At one point in my life I joined gangs and was shot multiple times and stabbed with a sharp knife.
When this happened and I turned to him for support, he would only make fun of my wounds and say that I was scarred for life and that I was no longer beautiful. These were the early beginnings of my ED (eating disorder) spiral! I was trying to break free from my disorders but didn’t know how. So I began researching knowledge on how to eat right and exercise for physical and mental health. I was at a point where I was not eating anything, eating too much, taking up to 20  laxatives, and trying every starvation diet you can think of.

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