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I recently started adding extracts to my Shakeology to mix up the flavors, and it’s so yummy!
Almond extract can be added instead of adding almonds or almond butter to save a few calories. I’ve heard so many good things about Shakeology, I should really look into that a bit more! Kimberly Job is an author, healthy living coach, business and blogging mentor, and mother of TEN! Don’t fall into the trap of making one meal for your family and a separate clean meal for you.
Educate yourself and your family as you make these changes so you know WHY you’re doing it.

I just found your blog through the WOW link up, this is great advice and I will be passing it on to my family who are trying to start eating clean in the new year. Rather than trying to make a big change all at once or eliminating all their favorite foods, start by adding in the healthy stuff.
Clean eating doesn’t mean you can never eat things your kids love like pizza and spaghetti. We just started gluten and dairy free this morning as well as seriously reducing the amount of refined sugars we’re taking in. My husband and I both eat out a lot because we get off work late, and it is only the 2 of us. The last time we did it we were super strict right off the bat and I think it made it tough, I like the idea of starting slow.

I like the idea of having your kids pick things at the grocery store so they will be excited to eat them.
Of course, there have been times in my life when I ate more processed foods than I’d prefer (travel, college, the Army), but if I am in charge of the cooking and groceries, I buy and make meals with whole foods. As far as my husband, he’s just happy to have a home-cooked meal after all the ship food he’s eaten!

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