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Spice up your clean-eating meal plan with dishes that will warm you from the inside out. Make these 17 recipes a part of your weight loss meal plan. Spicy recipes like this one are perfect for anything from tailgate parties to book club gatherings. The slow cooker allows the spices to blend together for a delicious, superfood-powered recipe. Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week.

I purchased 80% of the items at Central Market, bought my bulk items at Costco and got the rest at  Aldi. Many of the items such as cheese, meats and greens carried over to the next week so I’ll save even more money over time. Note: I prepared my salads quickly by pre-cutting and separating the toppings for the salad in a bento box. By cutting back on processed foods and reducing portion sizes you will soon notice the weight melting away.

Because of my unique nutritional needs, he sent me a list of approved foods and snacks for me to pick from each week.
If I was hungry, I would also snack on a a big bowl of celery, carrots, sweet peppers or have a banana.

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