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Clean eating, or eating clean if you prefer, is a life style choice of consuming foods in their most natural state, or as close to it as possible.
Contrary to popular belief, clean eating is not a diet, and certainly not a quick fix; it's a healthier, simpler way of eating, with the positive side effect of weight loss for those who need it. Also, I experienced differences in other aspects, like energy level, alertness, and overall appearance. If you've thoughts on clean eating, or personal experience to share, please leave them in a comment. SHREDZ weight loss pills for men and women, combined with other forms of weight loss, help boost more energy and burn more fat during workout. To learn more about SHREDZ weight loss pills, and how it induces quick and easy weight loss, please visit SHREDZ for Her. In order to hold myself accountable have been posting almost all of my meals on Instagram.

So far I love my Paderno Spiralizer and have created some really awesome dishes that even the hubby is enjoying. Breakfast and lunches have to be pretty planned out because of my work schedule (and so I don’t spend a gazillion dollars at the grocery store) so they basically stay the same all week.
Breakfast: Ezekiel toast (sprouted grain bread) with a wedge of laughing cow light and some siracha on top with some berries or an orange and coffee with almond milk. Dinner ideas: Zuchini noodles and turkey meatballs, salmon and quinoa, roasted butternut squash (I made this but didnt really like it) Grilled lemon, garlic chicken and sweet potatoes, one pan summer eggs, avocado salads on the side. I hope you don’t mind that more healthy recipes will be taking over the blog but I promise I will still post jello shots and cocktails. That means little or no processed foods, and therefore plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein. For me, clean eating, combined with regular exercise, got rid of all 40-something pounds of postpartum weight within a matter of a few months.

It's not a suppressant, but rather an enhancer, and helps you lose fat and build lean muscles effectively. Zucchini noodles with extra virgin olive oil and garlic with organic pasta sauce and turkey meatballs was definitely this weeks best meal.
I also top my toast with smashed avocado sometimes or coconut peanut butter and raisins sometimes. Saying goodbye has been hard, but I figure that eliminates a lot of fat out of my diet right off the bat, so I may see results a lot sooner. Lean turkey roll ups dipped in whole grain mustard (about 3-4 slices) or some grilled chicken.

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