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Like any other girl, I had always struggled with my weight and body image issues for a very long time and let me just be completely honest, I still sometimes do. I fell in love with running and all the endorphins that came with it known as the “runners high”. Naturally my next move was to run a full marathon and in January of 2013 I met this great guy (Coach Kozak) that agreed to run it with me. As I have been vegan for the past year with maybe eggs in some foods I ate out I have not had animal protein in 1 full year! They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but I seriously think if you can get through the first week, which is the toughest on your body—headache, tired, sore, change… you will make it through the full journey!
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I ate ok but still indulged in bad foods just on a less frequent basis, if that makes sense.
This week I am going to go with something milder on my digestive system and eat egg whites!
I am a person of moderation and this so far in 1 week has showed me my moderation portions have been WAY TOO BIG! Photo Shoot on Sunday =) Have a goal, reward yourself at the end of the week- new workout shirt, new headbands, new pants, new measuring tape, new bands, new water bottle! Over the last year, I have definitely learned patience, perseverance, and most importantly self-love. Not only did I shave time off of my running time but I had also dropped about 8 pounds from about August of 2012 to January of 2013, all from running. I was no longer running and didn’t need them like before so lean proteins, veggies, and good carbs (oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potato) early in the day and that was it.

I can’t really tell you what it was that flipped a switch in my brain but I literally woke up one day and decided that I was going to run a half marathon, and so it began.
Of course I was devastated, I mean ALL of this time devoted, all of the early morning runs, and miles ran to not be able to accomplish my goal.
Make a long story short, I literally felt like the ladies from ‘Sit and Be Fit’ that used to air on PBS after Sesame Street except with heavier dumbbells and at a much faster pace.

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