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They’re definitely riding on the success of their NyQuil brand, and hoping to lure people into their new product with a similar name and similar packaging. The idea is you would only uses this when you are having trouble sleeping, and don’t have any other problems to deal with. Apparently there are some people that take NyQuil when they just want to sleep, and this product is hoping to address that problem.The Claim The makers of ZzzQuil claim that you are only getting a sleep medication with this, that is non habit forming, and that you can use it when you need to fall asleep reliably, and stay asleep. Also, since it is coming from a trusted brand, it is receiving some trickle down positive benefits because of the brand recognition.

Vicks definitely intended this, since they gave it a familiar name, and made it look very similar to a pre-existing product. But what we’re seeing is that they pretty much got it wrong with the pill form, and it seems to work a bit better with the liquid form. If you’ve had success with other over the counter sleep aids in the past there is a higher chance that this will work for you as well. Take a comprehensive approach to falling asleep and make sure that you have your bedroom set up so that it’s conducive to getting to sleep.

You can also follow the steps that the ZzzQuil site provides on how to get a better night’s sleep, as this is pretty solid information and tips.What do you think?

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