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Most serious CrossFitters adhere to either the Paleo Diet, the Zone Diet, or some blend of the two. With the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, you can control three major hormones generated by the human diet – insulin, glucagon and eicosanoids. Glucagon – A mobilization hormone that tells the body to release stored carbohydrates at a steady rate, leading to stabilized blood sugar levels.
A One Block meal consists of one choice from the Protein List (pink), one from the Carbohydrate List (blue) and one from the Fat List (green). You can mix and match blocks as you wish.  If you aren’t very hungry when you first wake up, then a 2 block meal might be just right for you, perhaps with a 3 block lunch and dinner. After about a month you’ll be able to “eyeball” the food and you won’t need to measure precisely anymore…unless you’re having something new you’ve never measured into blocks.
You should count this as a carbohydrate and not worry about the protein and fat in the snack bar. I hope you feel as good as I do living “in the Zone”.  Below you can see some examples of Zone-friendly meals, including a 2, 3, and 4 block zone dinner that will perfectly complement your CrossFit diet! We believe robust health and wellness is a direct result of what you eat and how you move (physical activity). We believe that food is only food when it’s in it’s most natural, unaltered state.  In this state, it’s the healthiest and provides the most nutrients. Real food typically doesn’t come in a box, bag or container with an ingredient list that rivals Merriam Webster’s recent publication.
We believe that if you’re not prepared, you will either fail or perform at a level below your potential, and that goes for eating as well.  Prior to each week, I know my family’s commitments and our “schedule”. We believe you’ll spend less money up front and have less waste if you use what you have on hand first, and shop for what’s needed for the week – with a plan, not a hodge-podge “let’s have Hamburger Helper” a few nights. We believe our health and our performance level in training is a direct result of how we eat – but there’s no way to prove this because we refuse to eat what 80% of America eats on a daily basis. In a nutshell, we are healthier, stronger and faster at our ages than most in our circle of friends.
In a nutshell, you have to do this (Inventory, Plan, Shop, Prep… eat healthy 80-90% of the time) because you believe in it – not because someone told you it might work. You create the plan with the use of our schedule for the week and the Kitchen and Pantry Inventory.
It’s from the Meal Plan Form and the Kitchen & Pantry Inventory that you create your shopping list. Make sure you have plastic or glass storage containers and ZipLoc bags, a permanent marker and masking tape. SUPERBOWL 50 CHILI What happens when things get done at the box at the end of the week and I don’t spend the weekend catching up? I'm in the same ballpark I got some good input from Tony Budding but I need some advice getting my blocks straight.

Erm, I dont know if this is gonna sould stupid but how much is a "cup", from the list in the PDF, in say mL. Bottomline is that the less starchy carbs (green beans, spinach, etc) has drastically increased in volume per block.
I started a thread about it on the msg board, looking for input, but wanted to list the link here.
Regarding tortillas, if I'm reading this correctly, 6 inches refers to the diameter of the tortilla, right?
Now, if the tortilla is made of corn, then that whole tortilla constitutes 1 block of carbohydrate.
I was sceptical until I tried it, yes it takes time to 'tweek' but, and its a big but, the gains are worth it. I have a couple questions if anyone out there is still checking this string out for comments.
Can someone please explain to me why tortillas, pita bread, and bread are listed as "unfavorable carbs" within the block chart; and yet they are included in a number of meals within the meal plans? Chris Snyder, if you dont like fruit substitute with vegies, i use alot of salsa and hommus instead.
How do I download the PDF of this, I did it once a year or so ago and now don't see any link???
I have a cup of cottage cheese for breakfast (4 block) which is meant to give me 28g of proetin. The same with the fruit, as I have plums and pears with this I also weighed out the fruit and according to 'my fitness pal', I am only hitting about 25g of carbs. The CrossFit Journal is a chronicle of the empirically driven, clinically tested, and community developed CrossFit program.
This was a previous workout, but since it was my first time I am taking the beginner classes!
After Crossfit I came home and showered and made “brunch” since it was almost noon! During the day I had a soup cooking in the crock pot, getting ready for Monday’s meal.
Shredded chicken, organic low sodium chicken broth, water, a bunch of veggies (edamame, carrots, spinach, corn), salt and pepper.
We split the batter, and made some with white chocolate chunks and the other half with dark chocolate chips!
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Christina and Jeff Barnett have compiled some information on the Zone Diet to make it easy for anyone to understand, complete with a thorough Zone block chart and pictures of example Zone meals.

They are also master hormones that indirectly orchestrate a vast array of other hormonal systems in your body.
The point is to develop the habit of eating at regular intervals so your hormones are balanced all day. Use “tare” to make it even easier, and you won’t have to use math at all!  Put your plate on the scale and hit the tare button.
I know how many meals need prepared, how many snacks are needed and how often we’ll eat out. This is a major key to meal planning.
And I’m not speaking arrogantly, but if I list my friends, I can only list about 10% that are at or near my age and can out perform me, or appear healthier.
I am interested in giving this a try; however I do not want to eat too little and not get the benefits or eat more than needed and gain unneeded weight.
But if the tortilla is made of flour, then 1 block of carbs is that 6-inch tortilla cut in half (making the whole thing worth 2 blocks).
Why is it that the book Enter the Zone lists certain food measurements and block serving sizes that differ from the list on this article? However I weighed out this cup measurement the other day and according to the nutritional label I am about 5g of protein short of my 28g allowance.
Now this maybe be down to the size of the fruit, but should I not be making sure I am having my total 28g of pro and 36g carbs (4 blocks) ??
Our mission is to provide a venue for contributing coaches, trainers, athletes, and researchers to ponder, study, debate, and define fitness and collectively advance the art and science of optimizing human performance. Iron."So many want to be the "Best" or "Make It", but don't want to do everything that it takes to get there. The Zone Diet controls gene expression and hormonal balance to give you the longer and better life to which we all aspire. Eat within an hour of waking up in the morning, don’t go more than 4 hours without eating something, and eat a snack before you go to sleep so you have some fuel to dream on. I am not a fitness Trainer (although maybe one day) but I love working out and sharing the knowledge that I have gained through the years. Issue 21 of the Crossfit Journal offers a comprehensive overview and start-up guide for implementing the Zone Diet. Within a week you will have developed the ability to estimate correct food portions and formed a heightened sense of your nutritional needs.
Finally your plate will be full of all your foods, all measured individually, but all on one plate.

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