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Most people have heard of Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig & Kim Kardashian‘s favorite plan Atkins, but have you heard of the DASH diet?
Weight Watchers, Jessica Simpson‘s go-to weight loss plan, was honored as the best weight-loss diet.
On this diet, every food is given a point value based on four factors — protein, carbs, fat and fiber.
The panel deemed the DASH diet the best overall, as it outscored most other plans in its healthiness and likelihood to ward off diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. UNLIKE MOST DIETS, the DASH Diet is based on favorite foods you can find at the grocery store around the corner. With versions for meat-eaters and vegetarians, the DASH Diet is a plan you can stick to because it offers a wide selection of your favorite foods, not special supplements or meals that you have to buy from a specific manufacturer. Preface IN AUGUST 1993, fifty researchers gathered together in an overheated hotel conference room in Bethesda, Maryland, to design what would come to be known as the DASH study.
Sign up for EmaxHealth newsletter and receive daily health tips delivered straight to your inbox. EmaxHealth is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Just published, The DASH Diet for Weight Loss (Free Press, 2012) could add to the arsenal of books aimed at the current obesity upsurge, says coauthor Thomas Moore, a School of Medicine professor, associate provost of the Medical Campus, and leader of the multi–medical center team that developed DASH.
Moore wrote a 2002 book about DASH’s blood pressure–lowering effects, but this is the first book about it that’s aimed at dieters seeking trimmer waistlines, he says. Moore says the diet’s strength is conveying all these benefits and controlling weight simultaneously.
The diet is heart-healthy, but can become expensive because it relies on fresh ingredients.
The pros are that you can literally eat anything, but tallying points can take a lot of time. And once again, panelists ranked Weight Watchers the best diet for weight loss, as well as the easiest diet to follow and the top diet among commercial plans.
The Mediterranean diet, which received attention in 2013 for boosting heart health, claimed the No. You’ll read inspiring before-and-after stories by others who have experienced success with DASH. Please note that, as always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, THE DASH DIET WAS RATED #1 BY A PANEL OF MEDICAL EXPERTS INCLUDING SPECIALISTS IN DIABETES AND HEART DISEASE— THE BEST OVERALL DIET AND THE BEST DIET FOR DIABETES! The DASH diet, developed in the 1990s and lauded last year as the best overall weight-reduction plan by U.S. Originally, the team conceived the diet as a way to control high blood pressure, not weight. On it, you eat the things you know you should — fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. And you’ll find extensive meal plans at the calorie level that is just right for you, concentrating on how to lose weight without sacrificing great-tasting foods.
Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

There are times wheen I make a few minor changes, but this is the base I usually start with.
Originally designed as a diet for reducing high blood pressure, the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) will help you lose and keep weight off with the perfect meal plan to meet your dietary and caloric needs.
But several studies confirmed its effectiveness with weight control, among them a Boston Medical Center review, and last year, U.S.
The book also includes comments from patrons of the Dash for Health website developed with the plan.
The National Institutes of Health reviewed 34 randomized controlled trials to determine the effectiveness of low-calorie diets. You can reach your goal to lose weight and keep it off by following America’s healthiest diet. News & World Report rated DASH more effective on that score than such popular diet plans as Atkins, Jenny Craig, and Slim-Fast. Enrollment in the DASH for Health online program is free to BU staff as an employee benefit. Most vegetables are no points, which the exception of some starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes. That’s because, also unlike most diets, the DASH Diet was originally developed by a team of medical researchers who were funded by the NIH and led by Dr. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute had selected these five teams from among forty applicants. DASH is similar to the Mediterranean diet—which tied for third in the magazine’s rankings—and emphasizes eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, exercising, and avoiding high-fat, high-sugar foods. The team’s goal was to create a diet to lower blood pressure (DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), and they came up with an easy eating plan that has since been proven to lower high blood pressure and reduce the development of hypertension, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, and kidney stones, as well as reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. 18) diets both fell in the middle of the pack among all diets, while Paleo diet – the most Google-searched plan of 2013 – tied for last place with the Dukan Diet.
And the researchers noticed something else along with these incredible medical benefits: while eating a varied, hearty diet of nutritious foods, people on the DASH Diet also were able to lose weight and maintain that healthy weight loss over time.
But it became clear from the very beginning that we were willing and eager to work together to design the “perfect” diet. News & World Report two years in a row and recommended by the US Department of Agriculture as an ideal eating pattern for all Americans, the DASH Diet is easy to follow and allows you to choose the foods you like.
By the end of that first meeting, we had agreed on a rough outline of the diets we would test and how we would test them.
Moore’s continuing research, The DASH Diet for Weight Loss adapts the DASH Diet for anyone who wants to reach his or her healthiest weight. But it took another twelve months before we were ready to start testing the first research volunteer. That’s how long it took to design a study as complex and tightly controlled as the DASH study.
DASH was a “feeding study”—that means we gave the research volunteers all of their food for the entire eleven weeks of the study. Volunteers were going to be studied simultaneously in North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, and Massachusetts. To be sure that the study was being conducted in the same way at all four sites and that the subjects at all sites were eating the same foods, we prepared careful menus and recipes that would be served in each location.

We even worked with food companies that agreed to ship food items (such as bread, crackers, soup, and fruit) from the same production batch to all of our four sites so that the study volunteers were in fact eating identical foods. Samples of each recipe and meal were prepared, ground up, and chemically analyzed so that we were sure exactly what was in the foods.
In addition, researchers at each site received identical training on how to measure blood pressure, how to weigh subjects, and how to measure body fat. We wanted to be absolutely sure that all four sites were feeding subjects the same food and measuring the effects of the diet in an identical way.
Once the study was designed, the four sites enrolled 459 volunteers in two and a half years.
When the results were analyzed, the DASH Diet lowered systolic blood pressure by nearly 11 points—about as much as a typical antihypertensive medication and, in fact, far more than we researchers expected. Since we first published these results in 1997 in the New England Journal of Medicine, many other studies have shown additional benefits of the DASH Diet. We know that it lowers blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, but we also now know that the DASH Diet reduces the development of hypertension, heart failure, heart attacks, and kidney stones, and even reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.
Studies have shown that people who eat the DASH Diet “feel better.” One study even showed that the DASH Diet improves the ability to think clearly! And—most important for this book—the DASH Diet has also proven to be a very effective tool for those who want to lose weight. So although DASH started off as a diet to lower blood pressure, with all this additional scientific evidence, the US Department of Agriculture now recommends the DASH Diet as the ideal eating pattern for all Americans. News & World Report ranking rated the DASH Diet as the “#1 Best Overall Diet” when compared to twenty other popular diets such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and South Beach. But I often hear the comment, “It’s fine that the DASH Diet shows all those benefits when it’s tested in a study where volunteers are being given all of their food by the study staff. But how does the DASH Diet work in real life, when people need to select and prepare their own food?” We’re happy to say that it works just fine. Dietitians and nutritionists routinely recommend the DASH Diet to people who are interested in improving their eating habits, who have specific medical conditions that would benefit from DASH, and who want to lose weight.
It is about real foods, not special supplements or meals that you have to buy from a specific manufacturer. You can shop for the DASH Diet at the same stores where you’ve always shopped, and it allows you to follow either a meat-eater or vegetarian diet.
The DASH Diet started out as a tightly controlled scientific study but has turned into something much larger. Doctors, nutritionists, government agencies, and organizations such as the American Heart Association are recommending the DASH Diet. Now we want to get the 150 million Americans who would benefit from the DASH Diet to try it and stick with it.

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