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UPDATE: This 7Up coupon along with several other coupons have reset so you can print them again! The kitchenware needed to bake these cakes are a mixing bowl, angel food pan, stirring spoon, blender, and an oven for baking.
Tip - Choose a subtle flavor of the cake mix in order to make the lemon flavor prominent.Aren't these recipes simple? I poured each drink into red party cups labeled A, B, C and D - set them out and let everyone taste. It turns out you didn't just have a taste test, but a little psychology experiment on the side!
Amity - I'm pretty sure they were the same, the packaging was the same and the both have the new "lemonlime" "naturally flavored soda" on them.
The diet 7ups might have tasted different because they changed the formula kind of recently. I love sparkling water but sometimes I just feel like something sweeter but don't want the caffeine or sugar. I'd imagine there are plenty a diabetic, or dieter out there that also have heart issues and would be willing to try this. Growing up a caffeine free coke addict, then becoming sugar sensitive a couple years ago was a true heartbreaker.
The great thing about this 7Up coupon is that it is good on any variety including, regular, diet or 7Up ten products.

The study itself was ridiculously flawed - I thought C & D were different types of 7Up, but really they were the same (although oddly, most people thought they tasted different) and the Sierra Mist was flat, flat, flat (that was probably since it arrived all banged up). I do taste a difference between that and regular but I guess I drink it so rarely that I don't mind.
I'm still laughing over the person who said they'd never drink whatever is in 'D' but really drinks it all the time! They're both the new 7up, i thought the one we had was different, but it wasn't, they were almost identical.
Water is good, and good for you, but in my opinion it's nearly as satisfying as pop sometimes, no matter how you sparkle or flavor it!
These soda coupons tend to come and go pretty quickly, so be sure and print this one right away while it is currently available. For those who have a sweet tooth, it would be nice to keep a cake mix handy in your kitchen to satisfy your cravings.
When I opened the box I was greeted with 2 sets of instructions (I think this was a mistake), a coupon for a free 2-liter bottle of Diet 7Up, a can of the new Diet 7Up, a can of Sprite Zero and a ridiculously banged up can of Sierra Mist Free. Overall there was no real winner (although both PartySugar and I liked the Diet 7Up the best), and we learned some interesting things (including the fact that one person said she'd never drink D, only to find out that she drinks it all the time). And when mixing drinks with pop- at home or at the bar, I opt for diet as well, I just feel guilty about the added unnecessary calories.
I personally think it was the power of suggestion, people thought it was different so it "had to be," right?

Also regular 7up switched to all natural so they might have changed the base formula for diet also. The instructions said to refrigerate the sodas for at least an hour before tasting, but they arrived ice cold - the same temp as the sodas in the fridge - so we dove straight in.
We also had to wonder why, if given a choice, would you drink a soda with no caffeine and no sugar and very little taste? Personally I am bummed when diet pops DON'T have caffeine in them- that is just a bonus if you ask me :) I ordered the kit when the original post was made so I am excited to get it! Moreover, the second ingredient used in most of the given recipes are easily available and used commonly in households.
I thought that the Diet 7Up we had in the fridge was different, so I ended up throwing that into the mix as well. These cakes taste great with fruits, prefer adding fresh fruits rather than canned ones to enhance the taste.

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