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Alter recipes whenever possible to replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats like olive, canola or peanut oil.
You can also export this report to Microsoft Word or WordPerfect for editing before e-mailing or printing.
As noted yesterday in The Diet Plan and The Three Habits, I'm presenting the spreadsheet I used to track my weight loss progress. By using the 5 day moving average, we smooth out the daily fluctuations in weight and the variations in calorie consumption. The weight page is where you record whatever the scale tells you each morning without judging your progress.
As you can see in the thumbnail above or in the full-sized version, there are 5 columns of data on the left side of the page: date, weight, average, change, and total loss. The "average" is the 5 day moving average, so there's nothing there for the first few days. Some folks might record more quantity information (portion sizes or weights) while others may do less. Tomorrow we'll look at goal setting, some of the numbers in my spreadsheet, and factors you might consider in your own weight loss plan.
Right after I cleared all of the meal data I thought how funny it would be if someone went through the process eating the exact same meals every day. I must say, this transfers rather nicely to Google Spreadsheets with only the loss of the graphs. Strictly, the 5-day average should be centred on the third day, not the fifth - it is a backward looking measure. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the Shangri La diet - I think it would complement this, as a way of helping with the 'eat less' part.
Perhaps you mainly cut out the soda, the doughnuts and all the other junk food (defined as pizza, burgers, lasagna, greasy Chinese, fried potatoes, etc.), and you lost weight. Well, I still have some of the "bad stuff" now and then, but I know that I'm trading off something else when I do. Anyway, I started counting calories and tracking my weight with a spreadsheet and graph and found my biggest motivation for not eating things I shouldn't was that I didn't want to have to put it in the spreadsheet. I went from ~195 to 172 in 3-4 months (142 being my prime "running weight", and 150-155 probably a good "fit weight") and looked much better in the wedding than I did in the engagement portraits. I can't believe how easy it was (and nobody else seems to believe me either) - it was so nice to feel like I cut through all the fad-dieting BS.
I have tried tracking calories before, but my lack of motivation stems to even that amount of effort. I did something similar once (tracking calories and weight in a spreadsheet) and it was the ONLY thing that ever really worked for me. As you say, you're not an Excel whiz, but there's a few things you can do to make this sheet work better. You can only have one trendline, but there's nothing stopping you plotting the data twice and add a trendline to the second series. The next big thing is to automatically compensate for data being added, you've probably noticed you need to keep adjusting the chart to grab all the data.
Just wondering what you did if you found yourself away from a scale for a day (or more) in terms of tracking on the sheet. If I am away from a scale for a day or two, I simply use the average of my last weight and my next weight.
If you wanted to track exercise on your calorie spreadsheet, would you just estimate calories expended and show as a negative number?
Hello,I am one week out of RNY weight loss surgery and need to accurately track my weight loss.
The weight spreadsheet is there as well, just look at the bottom of the spreadsheet and you should see two tabs, one marked Calories and the other marked Weight. Hey Jeremy, I used your spreadsheet when starting out and have went from 28% body fat to 11% body fat in 3.5 months.
Again - I thank-you for your effort and generous spirit in putting this Excel sheet up for us. Weight loss industry will focus on the way people should feel while doing it, in order to achieve better results and stay healthy all the time.

As you already know - women and men are not built the same way, and this is more than normal. This time last year I weighed 93 kgs and stumbled across your website, downloaded the spreadsheet and used it religiously for almost 3 months. After that time the whole spreadsheet and recording thing became a bit tedious and I stopped using it, but that was enough for me to learn new habits and lose 13 kgs!!!!
Hi - I did not find how to download a usable weight spreadsheet or calaroie spreadsheet just he sample ones.
Now eating less is habitual and makes me feel great to be at the weight I was in high school. I have always ate healthy, but ate too much, and have drank about a gallon of milk every day since I was 17, and love treats at night.
The other thing that is helping me, is seriously doing a lot of google "research" on nutrition and weight, I thought I knew all about healthy food and complex carbs, but there is so much more to learn, as it gives me lots of little things that will compound and make a big difference. Also the GI diet or way of eating (glycemic index diet) has really helped me get loose the first 10 pounds, But without counting calories as well, it won't do any good. Good luck everyone, and don't forget to share knowledge with someone after you learn it, so you can pass on the goods. For me, the website is easier than my spreadsheets and I really prefer the less lagged formula. I was incredibly inspired by your Weight Loss blog and started my own journey by using your spreadsheet and charts in January 2009.
Like most people, I am a weight loss enthusiast and I am always on the look out for every alternative application or tool out there. I like the fact you have forewarned users to be realistic in their expectations regarding the use of the spreadsheet and their weight loss targets.
For those people who are spreadsheet-phobic, and are weight loss enthusiasts, I have an article my on calorie counting website regarding what to expect from a calorie tracking software if you prefer to go via the automated software route.
I've tried lots of low-fat diets for a couple of years but none of them made me feel satisfied.
This model works for people like me, who are somewhat lazy, but perhaps good at having the "that's taboo" mindset. I, on the other hand, had gained 60 pounds within about 4 months when I quit running at the elite collegiate level. Before, if I wanted to stop at Taco Bell on the way home from work and get a burrito (before still eating a normal dinner) or getting a king size Skittles, I would - but with the spreadsheet I knew I'd have to write it down. After living in Germany for a year, drinking heavy beer and eating lots of meat, I'm back up to 185, so it's time to start the spreadsheet anew - and thanks to this blog, I think i actually will now! I frequently fluctuate widely with my weight, moving between 225 and 185 with seasonal regularity.
I suppose I will have to commit to this level of regularity, so that I can see some real and steady results.
I saw it listed as a "hot site" in a local newspaper and plan to send it to my daughter and granddaughter in hopes they will like it too.
Your spreadsheet looks like just what I am looking for but when I download it fromuyour aite I am getting the meals page only.
I have a question, I recently turned 50 and I have a question on what my average caloric daily intake should be? Started converting John Walker's Hacker's Diet files over to Open Document Format for use with
The best part is Im currently taking courses in Excel so, I tweaked it a bit for me to understand in my own terms.
Version 1.5 was released just couple of days ago with cool auto-complete feature, among others. I have found that dealing with diets spreadsheets can be so stressful it can really make you crazy.
Excel and I have no love for each other and I really needed a straight-forward method to track weight and weight-loss progress. Being healthy and thin is not a dream, it should be something, that is a reasonable and easy to be done. The things that are helping me right now, is counting calories, weighing myself, and chewing my food more.

I've been looking for a good "no nonsense" spreadsheet and after spending a few too many moments trying to build an effective one in google spreadsheet and excel, I stumbled on your project. But not understanding Excel too well, can you tell me how I can reduce the goal weight lower.
Amazingly you developed this spreadsheet in 2006 so I would imagine quite a lot of people have downloaded it and found it useful. I did Weight Watchers before and lost about 50lbs and ended up gaining back 15lbs that i just can't seem to get off. The most obvious would be to use a negative number underneath the meal tab, but would that not throw off the averages and graphs? Although, there are lots of diets,like Atkins diet but it's making me feel weak and unhealthy. Just categorically deny the "bad stuff" and eat whatever you want of the good stuff (consisting mainly of grilled chicken, vegetables, yogurt, low-carb health bars, etc). Worse, I knew that there was the possibility other people would see the spreadsheet and see the kind of crap I ate (they didn't - no one else cares, it's all in your head. My family often accuses me of ballooning out, and telling me that I will become like my cousin (who is about 150 pounds overweight). I would interested in tracking day to day progress during the transistion phases in my weight. I understand if you're too busy, but I would appreciate some feedback from you both on the diet part of the site but also the usability etc. I found it very interesting that the methods you described where exactly what I followed that allowed me to lose the weight.
I've been struggling with weight loss for years and I just like to read posts like yours to get some inspiration every once in a while. Advise how I can make such diet as per your recomendation without lowering blood sugar level. I have a disabling back injury and I need to lose weight to reduce pain (1 pound off the belly = 2 pounds of leverage off the back). After much discussion with family it seems that trying something new might be the way to go, so I'm going to give counting calories a whirl.
I counted calories daily, I got on the scale daily, and I tracked my weight by charting it (not in Excel, although, my husband highly encouraged me to do so.) I never denied myself any specific type of foods. And i've been struggling with weight loss for years and I just like to read posts like yours to get some inspiration every once in a while.
Normally I would just exercise but since times are tough and I can't afford the surgery that would make this possible I am trying to reduce my calories so I lose weight that way. It really works to count the calories and keep the spreadsheet as it is accurate and really shows what you actually ate, rather than what you think you ate. It makes you eat less (which is one of the obvious huge concepts of loosing weight), and it also gives your body more nutrients so it opperates better, which in turn helps you loose weight, and several other benefits. Even though I work out seven days a week with a combined weight and cardo regimen, I have noticed that my metabolism has slowed down and the weight is harder to take off.
I'm hoping that once I try your method that it will help me to lose the necessary weight that I need to lose. I'm not expecting to become a household name neccesarily, just get a few more sponsors and get more time to do it instead of my day job.
The best thing about this method is that it gradually and subconsciously develops a lifestyle change without the person realizing it.
Don't preach to me about the skateboard industry and all that, I know all about its difficulties, but I love a challenge, and I like the reach for a star, get the moon, or even the powerline concept.
I know a few things about Excel macro design so I might just have to come up with a script that lets me add foods via a dialog box.

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