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Generally speaking, low sodium, correct amount of protein, low fat and enough vitamin are the basic requirements for kidney disease patients. You should restrictively limit the intake of foods high in proteins, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. With the limitation of foods that may cause burden on kidneys, you kidneys will not need to work as hard as before.
To keep such a diet, the patients with CKD should know what they should eat and what they should limit. Notes: if you have developed into stage 3-4 CKD or you are on the end stage and taking dialysis, some fruits and vegetables should be avoided.
Besides, alcohol, coffee and strong tea should be avoided which can further worsen high creatinine. A correct diet plan is able to support patients’ medical treatment, while a mistaken diet may destroy the whole treatment. Eating less proteins can reduce the production of urea which can cause heavy workload of your kidneys.

Foods high in potassium mainly include oranges,lentils, potatoes, chocolate, mushroom and nuts. Then why a vegetarian diet can reduce high levels of serum creatinine in the blood.Vegetarian diets contain more fresh vegetables and fruits and less meat products. We know that fresh vegetables and fruits are usually high in moisture which can help prevent and relieve dehydration.
But there are also a lot of other vegetarian diets that are suitable and good substitutions. Fresh water is the best drink for high creatinine which can help prevent blood concentration, increase urine output so as to wash more metabolic wastes and toxins outsides including creatinine. Restricting fluid consumption can reduce the fluid from building up in the bloodstream, which can reduce blood pressure that is a risk factor in aggravating renal function. The foods loaded in potassium that the patients should limit or even avoid include fast food, frozen meals, cured meats, processed cheese, meat pizza and potato chips. When meats especially red meats like pork, beef are eaten, they can produce creatinine after metabolism, therefore avoid taking meats can reduce the production of creatinine.

Most vegetables and fruits are low-protein which is very important for CKD patients with high creatinine levels. For more detailed diet lists for CKD with high creatinine, you can consult a renal dietitians and make a personalized diet plan according to your creatinine level and other illness conditions. Foods rich in phosphorus include corn, chocolate, dairy products, seafood, banana, dates, dried fruits,kiwi, yogurt and cocoa.
Low-protein diets can relieve renal strains, reduce renal damages, slow illness progression and protect residual kidney functions.Vegetables and fruits are high in vitamins, fibers, trace elements and many other nutritions which are all necessary for repairing and revitalizing renal tissues.

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