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The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a proven program for safe, sensible, and progressive fat loss.* Mike Geary is the author of this Internet best-selling eBook that exploded onto the scene just a couple of years ago.
This savory dessert features the rich flavor of baked apples, walnuts, oats, and a touch of maple syrup. Sometimes simple is best, like in this classic Margherita pizza topped with tomato, mozzarella, and basil. This delicious combination of oatmeal, apples, and spices gets a nutrition boost from whey protein powder and flax seeds.
Just because I am a Beachbody coach, doesn’t mean I am immune to all of the same challenges and obstacle that you are ~ I absolutely wrestle with the same demons.  Accountability is a huge factor I believe in reaching goals. So here it is ~ my master plan beginning Monday September 8 that will take me through the New Year!  I know, it sounds a bit extreme from the planning perspective, but I know myself and a plan is what I need to stay focused and committed! I spent Sunday re- reading through the 21 Day Fix nutrition guide and getting myself prepared for the 3 weeks! Your container allowance per day is calculated based on your weight and the average of 400 calories burned per fix workout. The Eating Plan guide is divided into sections and provides a food list for each color container.  It makes meal planning super easy, which I love! Rather than eating out of the containers, which you can absolutely do, I have been using them to measure out my food and then pour it onto my plate; I am amazed with how much food I am eating. In exchange for a yellow container, you do have the option to drink milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut water, coconut milk, fruit juices or wine!  You have this option only 3x per week! There are also treats allowed – perfect for those of us that need a sweat treat during the week.
So now the hard part is figuring out how to keep track of all of this and make it work for you! For me, I am a meal planner, I have gotten in the habit of creating weekly meal plans so I know what I am eating each meal every day of the week, it helps keep me on track and makes sure I have the food in the house that I need so I can’t come up with any excuses! After finishing the Shakeology Cleanse and I have definitely realized that although I am generally a “clean eater”, my portions definitely needed more attention, so I am really looking forward to seeing this program though and focusing in on my portion control!!! Day 2 was Upper FIX.  I can probably push myself more with the weights, I was using 5 and 8 pound weights, depending on the exercise, and think next week I will up it to 8 and 10 pound weights. Day 7 is the yoga fix- This workout will help with balance, flexibility, and strength, while also increasing circulation and speeding the healing of your muscles.  I have been doing yoga regularly for quite a few years but have taken some time “off” while doing the 21 Day Fix, so I am looking forward this one!

With the start of a new school year and new routine with the kids, it’s easy to just put yourself on the back burner when of course our family is our top priority.
The group is going to be an online closed Facebook support group where you can plug in daily to get tips, suggestions, motivation and help in reaching and setting goals for yourself. The requirements are that I am your COACH!  You purchase 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack from me as your coach. You are an active participant in the group and check in at least 1x per day and give your daily ratings! I have limited spaces available, so don’t hesitate to fill out the application so we can chat about your options!
If there’s one word that perfectly describes Shakeology® it’s “Mmmmmmm-mmmm!” And while Shakeology is incredibly appetizing when mixed with just milk or water, here are a handful of simple recipes that make this delicious and nutritious shake even more scrumpt-a-licious. Since then, he has helped 1000's of women and men realize their fat loss goals naturally.* I like Mike's book because it centers on progressive fat loss at a sensible pace. Without firm spiritual orientation or the qualified guidance by those who had passed all this way, it is too dangerously to start up with this venture.
Heat milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, and extract in medium saucepan over medium heat; cook for 4 to 5 minutes, or until mixture is hot, but not boiling. Pour ? of batter into waffle iron, lightly coated with spray; cook for about 2 to 3 minutes, or until waffle iron indicates waffle is cooked, or until waffle is cooked through. Bake for 16 to 18 minutes, or until golden brown and tester inserted into the center comes out clean. If oatmeal is not hot enough, heat over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring frequently.
Letting others know your goals and having them there to help you along the way definitely helps you to stay on track; which is the purpose of this post today!  I need to hold myself accountable and declare my PLAN!  Yes – I have mapped out my nutrition and workout plan for the next several months!  I know when I have a plan and I make that commitment that I do what I need to do to see it through!
IN a good way:) I have finally come to my senses and realized that no matter what life throws at you, all you can do is dig deep and get back up and work on YOURSELF!  We can work every day to be the best person WE can be. That gives me 3 green (veggies) 2 purple (fruits), 4 Red (protein) 2 Yellow (starchy carbs) 1 Blue (nuts, ect) 1 Orange (nuts and dressings), and  2 teaspoons (nut butters, olive oil). So I made myself a color coded excel spreadsheet where I plugged in exactly what I am going to eat for the week.
Starting at the center, and moving outward, use your fingertips to press dough to ?-inch thick.

Then along side of that I have my sheet of paper with my grocery list of things I need to pick up at the store.
But regardless of which program you’re doing, these recipes are a super-easy way to shake up your shake and add some variety to your life.
Is this really what you want 10 years from now?* You have the ability to make good food choices and lose belly fat naturally. In honor of Almond Day 2016, she offers her 10 best tips to help anyone get started living healthier by prioritizing mind, body and earth benefits.1.
Yes, it will require a commitment to a more positive lifestyle, but you can do it!* You have everything you need inside you to choose a progressive fat loss strategy. During 20 years she practised long starvations, or hungry diet, and since 1993 when she was about 35 years old, she has refused food at all.
Now she is 50 years old and as she asserts, was subjected by several official inspections and her health is recognised to be ideal. It makes no sense to expect to achieve toned female abs and permanent fat loss by eating mindlessly and avoiding regular exercise.* You can commit to getting sugar and processed foods out of your diet. I will dare to reasoning about this subject, having suggested some hypotheses how such phenomenon could be agreed with modern physics.
And, you can commit to learning the feelings and situations that sabotage your fat loss goals.There is no need for fat loss diet pills and their accompanying threat of toxic side effects. Whether it is truth – it should be proved or denied sooner or later by strict experiments. And, really, this destiny had overtook a lot of people in times of mass hunger, in concentration camps and war blockades.
According to the United Nations statistics, millions of people die annually because of malnutrition.
In the developed countries many girls became victims of a fashion: aspiring to grow thin, they have overpassed that threshold of Galina Shatalovamalnutrition after which even returning to the normal nourishment could not rescue them.

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