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Making time to prepare tasty, nutritious meals for myself is sometimes impossible during a busy day. I am always looking for quick and easy food ideas, so when I was approached about trying The Fresh Diet, I was eager to give it a whirl!
Just as I began writing this post, I heard my dog barking outside and that usually means one thing — a delivery! Of course, the food is fresh, so I removed all of the meals (wow, it was a lot!) and put it in my refrigerator. Meals are delivered to your door in temperature controlled boxes, and I can attest to the fact that the foods arrive to you nice and chilled.
The Fresh Diet meals are cooked fresh daily by executive chefs, and meals are custom designed to meet your nutritional and caloric preferences.
When I first started with them it was FANTASTIC but as their delivery area expanded (including moving to a bigger kitchen in NYC) I was disappointed as were many who posted on facebook (since deleted) and many who were long time customers who left as soon as their time expired. If its coming from CA – this would be a perfect thing – CA customer pictures show fanatic food all the time!
I tried The Fresh Diet a few weeks ago and loved it, and I’m in NJ so my food was coming from the NY kitchen. Last week I wrote a post about how busy I have been with the home improvement project, office move, and work. Next week I will share my personal experience enjoying the meals, but today I wanted to introduce the company I used: The Fresh Diet.
Having three calorie-controlled meals and two delicious snacks delivered every day allows room for even more fun experiences for busy singles. With work, kids’ schedules, and writing deadlines, The Fresh Diet meant I had more time for me. I would recommend the company to anyone who is too busy to cook or sees cooking as a chore. Note: This post is sponsored by The Fresh Diet, but my views and opinion of the plan are my own. SlenderZone is a unique weight loss meal delivery company providing nutritionally balanced prepared meals for individuals who wish to lose weight, or who medically need weight reduction. Because of our body's chemistry, most people become accustomed and dependent on the foods (carbs and sugars) that make them overweight, unhealthy, and prone to diabetes. Click here to learn more about Slender Zone's weight loss meals and healthy home food delivery service, featuring fresh delivered diet meals and gourmet prepared meals delivered to your door.
Slender Zone provides convenient home delivery of healthy prepared low fat, sugar free diet meals to the greater Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Pasadena, Encino, Tarzana, Bel Air, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Granada Hills, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Culver City, Calabasas and Van Nuys. All you have to do to start losing weight now is select your menu each day and Voila – healthy, fresh meals delivered to your door each day for the following day. Each Fresh Diet meal is calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced for weight-loss, weight maintenance and healthy living. The Fresh Diet has state of the art kitchens in NY, LA, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Toronto. Rachael McCrary was a formidable ‘figure’ in the Intimate Apparel Industry who has take shapewear up a few notches!
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Win or Lose, Oscar Nominees Win With Distinctive Assets Nominee Swag BagOnly a few will go home with the coveted Oscar statue. In Yunlin, The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association held three seminars, in Mailiao, Taixi and Huwei, each followed by a vegetarian luncheon. In Chiayi City, the Environmental Protection Bureau invited the Love Ocean Puppet Troupe and the Chiayi Puppet Troupe to perform and give related talks to young audiences at the Cultural Affairs Bureau on three consecutive weekends starting the week prior to Earth Day on April 22, Golden Year 6 (2009).
Every day from February to April of this year, Chuiyang Loving Hut in Chiayi offered 37 “Good Luck! Starting early this year until mid-May, Association members have delivered more than a hundred talks to more than 40,000 people participating in activities held by the Environmental Protection Bureau, Health Department, Police Department, schools and civic groups.
At the Chiayi Railway Station, fellow initiates set up display stands showing Supreme Master Television programs and allowing commuters to freely take global warming flyers. Through Master’s blessing and the hard work of fellow initiates, the idea of the plant-based diet has gained greater attention from the government and reached the hearts of the people through media reports. For three successive days beginning on Earth Day, over 200 vegetarian food suppliers in Taichung City provided over 10,000 meals to citizens either free of charge or at bargain prices, in hopes of reducing a total of 10,000kg of carbon. Our Tainan Center and the Tainan EP Bureau together held an activity especially addressing the conservation of water sources and the rivers of the Earth.
Beginning on the eve of Earth Day, our Penghu Center launched a series of anti-global warming seminars at government organizations, schools and hospitals. Caotun Loving Hut sponsored the Earth Day activity jointly held by the Nantou County Government and the Nan Kai University of Technology by providing delectable vegan lunch boxes free of charge to all teachers, students and other participants. In March and April, our Taipei Center held nearly a hundred global warming seminars, research workshops for teachers and puppet shows, attracting a total of more than 20,000 guests at dozens of colleges and universities, including National Taiwan University.
During those two months, the Tainan Center held activities at Kun Shan University and 41 schools to encourage people to mitigate global warming through a plant-based diet, energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Our Penghu Center has been committed to helping various schools launch a-vegetarian-day-a-week campaign. To share the message of reducing global warming, our Taipei Center participated in a Yanliao community meeting in Tucheng, a hiking activity in Neihu, a strawberry picking trip in Baishihu and the Fauna and Flora Cultural Festival in Xindian. The Tainan Center held information-sharing activities for people living and working in Yongkang and for the EP Bureau staff.
Our Penghu Center was invited to participate in the Penghu Aviation Fair and Flight Safety Promotion Activity. In April, Xinyue Loving Hut in Yilan provided low-carbon vegetarian meals daily to destitute students of National Yilan Commercial Vocational High School and street friends under the care of the Ren An Foundation.
The vegetarian meal boxes prepared by fellow initiates in Kaoshiung have become increasingly popular, with sales peaking at 2,382 one day. Before World Meatless Day on March 20, fellow initiates from the Penghu Center visited Magong Mayor Su Kun-hsiung (photo 1) and Deputy Superintendent Liao Zhou-tang of Penghu Veterans General Hospital (photo 2), to inform them of the global warming situation and the spirit and meaning of Meatless Day. Railway stations, where there is a constant flow of commuters, are ideal locations for sharing the global warming message. The County Council has passed a resolution to this end and the County Government is committed to implementing the policy.
As a WAHM, I am striving throughout the day not only to care for my children, but to keep up with my business as well. I literally can not wait to try one of the meals when I get done with this post, and I’ll update you next week with my review!
You can choose to avoid foods you dislike, and really custom tailor your menu to meet your lifestyle. I’ll be enjoying the meals that I chose from The Fresh Diet in the coming days, and will be posting again to give you the real scoop on The Fresh Diet.
I thought everything was delicious and carefully prepared so I wonder if they changed something since Kat was on the program.
The company delivers meals daily, which are cooked fresh daily in a local, state-of-the-art kitchen. I can’t imagine an easier way to have fresh, nutritionally-balanced meals for maintaining the perfect weight or for weight loss.
Last week, with a busy schedule, I didn’t spend time working on meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prep, or even kitchen clean up. Chef Sharon, a certified nutritionist and personal chef, has developed a proven menu of delicious and effective diet meals for convenient office or home delivery.  These delicious and nutritious prepared meals are delivered to your home fresh and ready to enjoy. Team SlenderZone is THE ONLY unique ensemble of culinary professionals specializing in weight loss through low-carb low-fat, AND sugar-free prepared gourmet meals, which removes the chemical dependency on these foods so that you won't find satisfaction in them anymore. With each day of the plan, you’ll receive 3 fresh gourmet meals, 2 sides and 2 snacks hand delivered daily.
There are no recipes to prepare,  no cooking, no counting calories, no weighing or measuring… and no dishes! The new Sonic Touch Cleansing System uses a unique micro-pulsating action combined with stimulating silicone-cleansing points.
Yet, all nominees will receive an accolade for their acclaimed performances thanks to the 13th Annual Everybody Wins nominee swag bag from Distinctive Assets.
More than 40 reports on their activities have appeared in newspapers and magazines as well as on radio, television and the Internet. After attending these seminars, Yunlin County Magistrate Su Chih-fen and Councillor Liao Ching-hsiang promised to push for the provision of nutritious vegetarian lunches twice a week in elementary and junior high schools.
The Love Ocean Puppet Troupe delivered 18 performances in elementary schools, kindergartens and orphanages in the area, while the Chiayi Puppet Troupe had about 10 presentations.
Find a Job!” lunch boxes to jobless people, hoping they would soon find employment and more people would know about preventing global warming with the plant-based diet. These informative gatherings have effectively persuaded students to switch to the plant-based diet, and introduced a new concept to parents and school principals.
Our Formosan initiates in the medical profession funded and published a booklet entitled The Animal-Free Diet, Nutrition and Health — a Compilation of Scientific Evidence, to serve as reference for both government and people.
Inspired by Master’s loving endeavors, local Centers around Formosa continue to devote all their efforts toward inspiring people to save the world with a vegan diet. Many of the suppliers appeal on their own Web sites for greater support of the lifestyle, and some offer attractive discounts to encourage people to eat more vegan food.
This activity elicited extensive coverage from the media, as well as positive affirmation and support from the government. In addition to showing videos on global warming, fellow initiates launched an Earth Day Be Veg! Apart from providing vegetarian recipes to the schools, they also paid a visit to Miss Chen Qiu-xi, head of the Health Education Section under the Education Bureau.
In March and April, fellow initiates distributed 330,000 SOS flyers and 6,000 DVDs, 30,000 vegan recipes as well as 70,000 flyers in the effort to ban meat, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Fellow initiates also participated in beach-cleaning efforts held by the bureau and distributed 1,500 bags of vegetarian snacks together with SOS flyers to the participants. Fellow initiates designed a quiz on global warming with giveaway prizes and offered free sampling of vegan food.
Fellow initiates put flags and banners of the New Vegan Lifestyle campaign around the venue, hoping to remind people of the importance to Be Veg! While extending love and concern to them, they also hope to influence a change in their diet.
Martin Center, encouraged Association members to prepare vegetarian meal boxes to promote the new lifestyle, fellow initiates from many Centers around Formosa have been to Kaohsiung to learn about the preparatory process and marketing experience, so as to develop more channels for promoting the plant-based diet. Mayor Su expressed strong support and promised to encourage his staff at City Hall to be veg on this special day. Our fellow initiates were invited to give talks on this topic at the County Hall, where they received the earnest support from high-ranking officials. Each day the cooler of meals and snacks are delivered early with the menu for the day and preparation instructions.

Anyone interested in trying the meal plan will receive three days free with the purchase of the 31 day plan at $29.99 a day.
Chef Sharon's staff is dedicated to delivering you nutritious and DELICIOUS entrees, salads, soups, and desserts.We look forward to providing you healthy home gourmet meal deliveries that lead to permanent weight loss! A truly successful diet where you lose weight and keep it off is something that millions of Americans try and fail at constantly. Unlike many weight loss plans, with The Fresh Diet, you have full control of choosing from hundreds of menu items. Daily caloric intake for meals and snacks are available in 1200 – 1400 calorie range for women and 1600 – 2200 calorie range for men. Together with the Chiayi Environmental Protection Bureau, our Chiayi Center convened community seminars on environmental protection and halting global warming. Fellow initiates also compiled and published the Yunlin Plant-Based Diet Guide Book with detailed listings of vegetarian food outlets in Yunlin, which is welcomed by both restaurants and the general public. On that day, Minister Stephen Shen of the Environmental Protection Administration accepted an interview with Supreme Master Television. China Television and the Economic Daily News carried special reports about the New Vegan Lifestyle movement.
Deputy Director Wang Jin-zhong of the EP Bureau appealed to citizens to love animals and refrain from using animal products.
The EP Bureau convened a series of activities and requested our Center to provide vegetarian snacks to the participating guests. Miss Chen plans to upload the recipes and information on the benefits of the plant-based diet onto the bureau’s website as a reference for school lunch providers so that the children may enjoy more nutritious and healthy vegan lunches. He also appealed to all Magong citizens to support Meatless Day and to go veg one day a week.
That is why there are billions of dollars spent on diet suppliments and weight-loss products, exercise machines, and extreme measures such as liposuction. A lot of people do not realize the amount of food and calories they are actually consuming. They offered assistance to some NGOs in holding a fair and a Mother’s Day singing competition, supplying vegan dinners and conducting discussions on global warming. The suggestion had the immediate support of the students and teachers, who wasted no time scheduling the next talk and vegan burger teaching session. A fellow initiate who retired early from government service to devote his time to advocating the plant-based diet and halting global warming, caught the attention of journalists, whose news reports have helped readers realize the urgency of and the solution to the climate change crisis. He was very glad to learn that more than 1,500 vegetarian food suppliers were participating in the New Vegan Lifestyle campaign. Fellow initiates from Taipei’s College Group held information-sharing events and provided delicious vegan snacks at the crowded Arts Park. Lin Xue-hua, a secretary at the Public Health Bureau, called the New Vegan Lifestyle campaign an excellent activity that introduces a new concept to the people. County Magistrate Wang Chien-fa openly urged the county government staff to set a leading example by taking vegetarian meals on Earth Day, so as to reduce carbon emissions to save the Earth.
His appeal was made in the presence of journalists, hoping that the media would encourage people to adopt the plant-based diet in order to save the Earth.
Deputy Magistrate Lee Ying-yuan presided over the seminar, and our Association served delicious vegan meals, which greatly impressed all the school principals present.
To be truly successful and finally lose that weight that has made you miserable and has harmed your health, it takes a solid plan that is easy to stick to.  But who has time to prepare those sensible and nutritious but tasty meals and count those calories that will help you lose the pounds?
This makes you aware of your food consumption and also shrinks your stomach, so you feel full eating less! How does Mushroom Souffle & Gruyere Cheese Panini on Whole Wheat Ciabatta Bread or Grilled Jumbo Shrimp with Lemon, Pepper, Garlic Sauce, Meyer Lemon Roasted Red Beets and Roasted Sweet Potato sound?
All these endeavors received extensive support from local political leaders including city councilors and their assistants. He also shared his views on the vegan diet with members of the media, who later approached Supreme Master Television reporters for more information related to the new diet. She hoped that people would love not only themselves and their families, but also the Earth. On that day, they distributed 6,500 flyers and attracted about 2,000 people to try the vegetarian delicacies. Magistrate Su also invited our fellow initiates to prepare a vegan breakfast for representatives of various sports organizations, to whom she introduced our Association and the concept of a plant-based diet in preventing global warming.
The Fresh Diet has the time, the will and the expertise to expedite those New Year’s weight loss resolutions. In addition to that, fellow initiates were also invited to serve a vegan lunch at the Zhucun Elementary School anniversary celebration, evoking the interest of all the teachers and students in the plant-based diet. Many vegetarian food suppliers helped to share the information of the noble vegan diet with local communities. Tainan Mayor Hsu Tain-tsair and EP Bureau Director Jhang Huang-jhen signed the petition to show their support; they were joined by more than 500 people on that day. Fellow initiates also approached local vegetarian food outlets encouraging them to promote the New Vegan Lifestyle by providing vegan meals at discount prices from Earth Day to Environment Day, in order to attract more people to adopt the plant-based diet and understand the importance of this healthy and compassionate lifestyle.
On another occasion, Deputy Magistrate Lee spoke extensively to participants in a biking tour on the veg diet and its connection to environmental protection.
Each of them received a Green mug, biscuits and informative material related to the campaign.
Our Center served over a thousand delicious and sumptuous vegan lunch boxes and distributed flyers to all exhibitors and visitors.

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