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Since I've been doing the diet the main question people have been asking me is whether or not the food is nice, so I've taken pictures of most of my meals so that I can talk you though what I liked and what I didn't.
I was surprised by the variety of different lunches I've had, so again I couldn't get bored with this like I do with most diets when I decide to eat the same old salad for lunch each day. You are always supposed to include a cup of salad with your lunch and sometimes the plan tells you to add other extras too like cheese or a piece of bread. The best thing about the dinners has to be the speed at which you can get them on the table. The dinners here clockwise from the top are three bean chilli and green beans, chicken provencal with duram wheat, chicken tikka masala with green beans, mushroom stroganoff with broccoli and parmesan and beef casserole with asparagus.
One of the more unique points about the Jenny Craig diet is that you eat 6 meals per day, so it really teaches you about portion control and eating little and often.
You can choose what fruit you want to have and the plan tells you how to choose the right kind of low fat yogurt. I'm continuing with the diet again this week, so I'll be sure to let you know how I get on.

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The Bikini Body Mommy Meal Plan Subscription is a weekly meal plan designed to take the hassle & confusion out of eating like a Bikini Body Mommy.

With no processed meats or preservatives our meal plans are calculated in a way to eliminate the mystery behind the “perfect diet” while also eliminating the need to spend hours meal prepping.
We deliver your Fuel box in an insulated container to ensure your food is as fresh as possible! You will be provided a complete shopping list, meal plan, and all the recipes you’ll need for the entire week, making it easy to have a week’s worth of delicious, Bikini Body Mommy-ready food in your kitchen at all times. All our meals are prepared using fresh and local ingredients, ensuring that you are only fuelling yourself with the best food & with a full macronutrient breakdown with each box you can see exactly what goes in to each meal. We aim to provide you with a balanced mix of proteins, complex & low gi carbohydrates, fats & calories and we’re so proud of it we’ll send you a breakdown per meal!

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