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Description Anjali Mukerjee Diet Plan, How to Lose weight naturally, Eat healthy stay fit with Anjali Mukerjee Health Total. Consider ways to eat what you enjoy and enjoy what you eat by following these Asian Diet secrets. To paraphrase Sun Simiao, the great Chinese physician in the sixth century, one wastes the skill of a great physician if one does not first consider the food he or she are eating. Rice combinations like black, brown, red, or even purple rice are nutritionally denser than white or brown alone. Ready To Lose Weight Benefits of Health Total Easy to Follow in busy city life Only 30 min.

Limit fluid intake with your meals and you will stop diluting your digestive enzymes which are so important for proper digestion. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to eat from these but it helps you eat smaller portions. Rice has always been a popular carbohydrate, cheap to grow and easy to transport and store. Green tea or other hot teas before a meal supports enzymatic activity and helps enhance your digestive abilities.
Whether it is bone broth soup, vegetable or miso, soups are rich in vitamins and minerals and easily absorbed.

Secondly, but equally important is that the warm temperature of soup (like tea) can improve the entire digestive process.
This is good for fast energy, but bad if you want to avoid blood sugar fluctuations and bad for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

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