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The Mediterranean diet is a modern kind of weight loss diet which is based on the eating patterns of people living in coastal regions of Greece, Southern Italy, Spain and Crete.
This diet plan is considered good for people because of various benefits offered by the olive oil. If you wish to lose your weight by following a diet plan which is easy to follow, effective and good for heart; then you may follow the Mediterranean diet.
This diet discourages people from eating those foods which offer saturated fats to the body.
You would be able to lose your weight for a longer period of time by following this diet plan.

It is also a good time to talk with your doctor about a healthy weight loss program that will fit your individual needs. Find other ways to deal with your emotions, such as journal writing, taking a bubble bath or reading. In this diet, people are advised to consume high quantity of olive oil, legumes, vegetables, fruits, unrefined cereals and some amount of dairy products. Olive oil is used to prepare all the food items which are eaten while following the Mediterranean diet. Some studies also suggest that people who follow this diet plan are less likely to develop symptoms of depression.

Olive oil makes the food tasty and it offers good amount of monounsaturated fats to the human body. Wine is considered good for the heart as red wine reduces the level of bad cholesterol present in the body.

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