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The Slimming World Original Diet which is also known as the red day diet, is a weight loss plan from the world renowned Slimming World and is known as being an effective way to lose weight while still enjoying plenty of the food you love. The key with the Slimming World Original Diet is that you need to stick religiously to the foods that you can and cannot eat to make sure that it works, if you deviate from this then the benefits of eating the foods proscribed within the plan will be lost. Slimming World diets give those wanting to lose weight lists of foods that they can and cannot eat with some being referred to as free food, others as healthy extras and finally other foods known as syns. In the Slimming World Original Diet the free foods are very heavy on the protein so this is perfect for those who love to eat meat every day.  Some of the free foods on the Slimming World Original Diet include all lean red meats, all lean poultry and pork, fish and seafood, eggs, fruit and vegetables (excluding potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweetcorn and parsnips). Free foods can be eaten all day and in any quantity so you can stuff yourself full of these filling and delicious foods without feeling any guilt at all when on the Slimming World Original Diet.
The healthy extra foods that you can consume on the Slimming World Original Diet include milk, cheese, grains and breads which means you can enjoy a small amount of these foods each day along with the free foods on the list. Finally there are the syn foods on the Slimming World Original Diet and each person is allowed between 5 and 15 syn points each day.  The value of syn foods can be found on the Slimming World website and every food has a syn value to make it easy to work out what you are allowed to eat each day. Slimming World Original Diet is a great way to lose weight if you are a real meat lover and the easy to follow Slimming World formula has been proven to get results for the past four decades which shows just how effective diets such as these can be for long term weight loss goals and maintenance.
Be sure to consult the Slimming World website for full details of the Slimming World Original Diet and to work out the amount of syn points that you are allowed each day to reach your goal. So last week my group convinced me to switch to the Extra Easy Plan rather than continue to follow the original plan to shake things up a bit and give my body a change as the last few weeks on original has given me fairly poor losses so I was ready to try something different.
SO the group took great pleasure in telling me “we told you so” I lost 2lbs this week which I was really really pleased with and also that’s take me to a total of 7.5 lbs lost on Slimming World since I switched from Cambridge having lost 3 stones already so I also receive my first ? stone Slimming World certificate. Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day. I often get asked about the Slimming World healthy extras and how I personally use them in my weight loss plan. You hear the word “diet programme” and assume that this will mean no carbs, no dairy and starvation.
What I have learnt with them though is to not actually use a whole healthy extra but to split them in half and have a bit of everything.
For example if I want naughty Slimming World chips I will have them with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and that will be enough oil for both Dominic and I. My old mentality (and probably why I used to struggle with it) is that I would want cereal and milk for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta in the evening – all while on an original day. I have learnt to look outside the box and properly plan my healthy extras and to get more with my main meals from the free food list. After all there is nothing that says that you cant have a fruit salad for breakfast or on an original day fill a melon boat with prawns.
Another of my favourite mid week suppers is a meatball subway and using just one healthy extra with the wholemeal roll is a dream come true. I have put together the healthy extras for you below and just think how you can make the best use out of them. Whenever I follow Slimming World I always use my healthy extras first and then if I go over on them THEN I count them as Syns. For example living here in Portugal there is an obsession with extra virgin olive oil and we will often use this in our cooking and use 2 healthy extra B’s for it and because we are sharing a meal it will count as 1 HEB. In the same way I had cheese and biscuits the other night and I had more than the healthy A allowances and the remainder was considered as Syns.

I find (especially with me being pregnant) that fibre and calcium give me a fantastic boost and try to use them up whenever I can. I get most of my calcium from cheese unless I am having cereal and then I use up my milk, but because I don’t drink tea and coffee (well only herbal tea) I never need to save my milk allowance. Those of you who have been following this blog for awhile are probably aware of the Slimming World diet, and the ins and outs of what you’re supposed to eat.
But, for anyone just joining us who is curious about the Slimming World diet, I thought I would take today to go over the Slimming World diet rules.
As I always say, the Slimming World diet isn’t too complicated, but there are some things you need to remember.
You can even make meals up just with super speed free foods to really increase your weight loss and you can read more about the super speed foods here.
My dad never got along with Slimming World when he originally did it in the late 90’s because he was a typical meat, potato and vegetables kind of guy. How it works is that one third of your plate must always be super free foods and then after that you add the remainder of your plate with free food from both green and red days depending on what your needs are. Green is all about carbs and can give you a really nice comfort day and is particularly great for sundays as you can pig out on all this glorious food. Now this one is more for people that cant decide what they eating that day and want to switch and change throughout the day. This means you can start the day with a bacon butty, lunch could be chicken Fajhitas with a side salad and for the evening you could head onto the green plan and have a vegetable ragu.
Success Express is all about getting in all the free foods so that you can boost your weight loss. This is then giving you a plate full of free food and any snacks would be considered syns and you would have your healthy extras as usual. If it wasn’t for the healthy extras I would never have liked and tasted wholemeal bread! The great thing about Slimming World though is that you can follow it if you are vegetarian, vegan, pregnant, diabetic and so forth without feeling like you are ever missing out. This Cannelloni recipe is delicious and is completely Syn free on extra easy and original plans providing you use the cheese as your HEA choice. A classic recipe which has been adapted to ensure you can enjoy the taste and flavours of a cannelloni but without all the oil, fat and calories from a traditional one. This serves 4, perfect for a family meal with a load of salad and maybe some slimming world chips which are also syn free. In my opinion they equal the Rocky Road Bar for taste and sweetness but you can only have 1 of these bars for 6 Syns or a HEB choice but with Rocky Road Bars you can have 2 as an equivalent so you get more but not really as they are much smaller than the normal sized bars.
Spaghetti Carbonara is delicious and is one of my favorite dishes when I go to somewhere like Ask or Preso’s, It is usually made with cream so this is a very healthy alternative and tastes just like the real thing but without all the calories.
And my posts are all about be battling the pounds and getting back to the size 10 I was when I met my husband 13 years ago. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys. In a nutshell they are basically healthy foods that you can add to your day to day diet so that you are not missing out on certain vital elements while you lose weight.
And most of all you have to food optimise which involves eating lots of the free foods so that you don’t get hungry.

I usually make my own Macaroni Cheese, jacket potato with lots of beans or my Slimming World Roast Potatoes.
You basically follow the green or the red diet (as mentioned above) and then during the meal times (your three meals for the day) you choose whether that meal will be green or red. For example at each meal you would choose either green or original free foods or have a mixture of both.
Normally when you are following Slimming World diet rules, you should opt for 5-15 syns per day (most people seem to go for 10).
Also, I would like to add to this that one of my own personal Slimming World diet rules is this: experiment.
You must use your HEA choice for the Parmesan for it to be free so please bear that in mind. If you add it when still on the heat you will end up with scrambled egg pasta so make sure you remove it from the heat before adding. Plus I find that if you are making a cheese sauce you need less milk with skimmed as it is thinner hence will cost you less in healthy extra allowances. What I have found with Slimming World is it promotes healthy eating and eating more of the good things than bad things. This is normally the day when I have my favourite steamed fish and vegetables for dinner and then usually have some tapas in the evening. You can’t grow up in Yorkshire and not adore cheese and its one staple that is part of my life.
Any food that isn’t a free food or a healthy extra has a syn value, which you can find in the Slimming World book or online. This will give it a lovely flavour then use the other 100ml you have left for something else.
When I was originally on Slimming World I was a vegetarian so this is like returning to my roots. And its all about Slimming World allowing you to get your dairy and fibre into your daily diet.
Though these days we tend to use it more for Diet Philadelphia which with a little milk makes an amazing cheese sauce alternative.
Syn values are calculated based on how many calories are in a food, so this helps keep the Slimming World a low fat diet. Also, some people find that they lose weight at a greater rate doing more Red days, or more Green days. And in all honesty I have just adapted to cooking Slimming World Recipes and forget I am following a system. I also have a favourite buffet restaurant that specialises in Brazillian cuisine and they have fresh cooked prawns available to peel and I normally have a huge plateful just of these! You don’t have to avoid foods that are syns, you just have to keep them at an acceptable level for the day or week.

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