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You should make a pause with the diet in the 6th and 7th day and continue with it in the 8th day. You can eat all these foods hot or cold, but you must have them in the adequate order and not skip any.
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GM Diet officially called as General Motors Diet.This Diet is tested at the Johns Hopkins Research Centre. If you don’t eat these foods in the adequate order, or you just substitute one food with another, the diet regime will not work.
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Try our plan, and you wont have to sacrifice the flavors you enjoy (how about steak and blue cheese?) or the nutrition your body needs.Weve put together a 1,200-calories-a-day diet thatll help you lose three to five pounds in a week?and finish with a flatter belly, too.

Key foods (like sweet pineapple, creamy Greek yogurt, and soothing peppermint tea) banish bloating, and naturally low-sodium foods (like quinoa) help prevent water retention and get rid of water weight.

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