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Diuretics (often called water pills) are drugs that cause the body to rid itself of excess fluids and sodium through urination. The most commonly used diuretics to treat hypertension include hydrochlorothiazide (Hydrodiuril), the loop diuretics furosemide (Lasix), the combination of triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide (Dyazide), and metolazone (Zaroxolyn).
ACE Inhibitors (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors) are drugs used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure.
They stop the body’s ability to produce angiotensin II, a natural substance that causes blood vessels to tighten (contract). Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs) are drugs most often prescribed for people who experience side effects with ACE inhibitors. Beta Blockers are drugs that slow the heart rate, decrease cardiac output, lessen the force with which the heart muscle contracts and reduce blood vessel contraction.
Calcium Channel Blockers are drugs that block the movement of calcium into heart and blood vessel muscle cells, which can decrease the pumping strength of the heart and relax blood vessels. This causes the muscles to relax, lowering blood pressure, slowing the heart rate and decreasing oxygen demands of the heart.
Nitroglycerin is used medically as a vasodilator to treat heart conditions, such as angina and heart failure. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 2-Diuretic drugs_nov 200716 Indications therapeutiques: la defaillance renale aigue (IRA) Un syndrome grave. 2-Diuretic drugs_nov 200724 Proprietes pharmacodynamiques Elimination urinaire de bicarbonates et partant de Na+ Augmente le pH urinaire en 30 minutes.

For individuals who are allergic to sulfa drugs, ethacrynic acid, a loop diuretic, is a good option.
A change in medication, diet, insulin or oral anti-diabetic dosage corrects this in most cases. ACE inhibitors relax and expand (dilate) blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily. Nevertheless, they are not free of side effects, and some patients should not use ACE inhibitors. They are used to treat high blood pressure and chest pain (angina) caused by reduced blood supply to the heart muscle, as well as some abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias).
It is one of the oldest and most useful drugs for treating heart disease by shortening or even preventing attacks of angina. T” was listed as one of the Top 10 Heart Disease Blogs of 2012 by Healthline Networks. These conditions include congestive heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, and kidney disease. Toutain UMR181 de Physiopathologie et Toxicologie Experimentales Toulouse - France ECOLE NATIONALE. Alcalinisation des urines Acetazolamide l excretion renale des acides faibles (comme l aspirine) Effets de courte duree.
This helps to relieve the heart's workload and also decreases the buildup of fluid in the lungs and other parts of the body, such as the ankles and legs.
This increases the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart, making the heart work more easily and efficiently.

When used to treat high blood pressure, Lasix is effective alone or in combination with other high blood pressure medications. If your doctor recommends it, you could prevent potassium loss by taking a liquid or tablet that has potassium along with the diuretic. Diuretics help your body produce and eliminate more urine, which helps lower blood pressure. They are used to treat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and some congenital heart defects.
Diuretics such as amiloride (Midamar)*, spironolactone (Aldactone)* or triamterene (Dyrenium)* are called "potassium sparing" agents. However, since blood pressure declines gradually, it may be several weeks before you get the full benefit of Lasix; and you must continue taking it even if you are feeling well. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the one you missed and go back to your regular schedule. Signs of an excessively low potassium level include muscle weakness and rapid or irregular heartbeat. To improve your potassium level, your doctor may prescribe a potassium supplement or recommend potassium-rich foods, such as bananas, raisins, and orange juice.Make sure the doctor knows if you have kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, gout, or the connective tissue disease, lupus erythematosus. The maximum daily dose is 600 milligrams.High Blood PressureThe usual starting dose is 80 milligrams per day divided into 2 doses.

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