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I want to talk today about why we tend to fixate on a specific weight that we strive to be, a certain size pants that we want to fit into,  or a particular way that we want our body to look. What I’ve seen in my own life and by coaching many women through this, is that our desire to be a certain size or weight is often times coming from some sort of outside influence, a belief about what we think that number will mean for us, or from a comparison.
We discovered that this massive pressure for her to lose weight stemmed from her comparing herself to everyone around her. Because they were all so small, she felt like she needed to lose weight and was always beating herself up and carrying around a negative body image because she was naturally bigger than these other women.
But despite giving up the goal of hitting that number, my body confidence is the best it’s ever been in my life. Featured Baby ArticlesA Surprising Potential Cure for Postpartum Depression4 Ways to Use the Breast Milk in the Back of Your FreezerSo, You Want to Breastfeed?
Featured Lifestyle Articles4 Easter Gifts For Baby You’ll Actually Totally LoveHow to Balance Work and Family10 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. I am tucked away in a coffee shop in Brooklyn in three layers, a scarf, and a hot cup of coffee, and my toes are still numb. Finally, I decided to dig deep with her and get to the bottom of why she really wanted to lose weight. Once she realized this, she was able to work on owning her body and began looking for evidence pointing to the fact that she was totally okay (i.e. That was the magic number, the happy number, the number when all of my worries would go away and my confidence would skyrocket.

If you looked at your body in a bubble without comparing yourself to others, worrying about how you may be perceived or looking at a past version of yourself, how do you feel about your size?
I hear so many young women complaining about needing to lose weight even when they are a size 0! In fact, most of these are pictures that my mother had saved in her phone and I’ve managed to steal a few. Is it possible that maybe you don’t need to hit that particular weight in order to feel the way you want to feel? The fear of regaining is understandable, but the more intuitive you get with your eating, the more you can trust that your body knows where it needs to be. I would ask yourself if confidence is tied to your weight and why… and then focus on gaining confidence in yourself today. I’ve had some horrible body image issues years ago, now only trying to fix up some of the minor and last ones along the way. She also just so happens to have a lot of friends who are smaller and shorter than she is, so she always feels big.
I was once 125 pounds in high school and I remembered feeling happy and confident at that weight.
I love your attitude of allowing your body to find a natural fit tat allows you to enjoy your pleasures every now and then, but still maintain your health through exercise. I weigh myself twice a week and if that number goes up at all I have the worst day and beat myself up over it.

I know I’m at a healthy weight but there are so many external pressures that I feel I need to accomplish this.
However, I do love the way exercising makes me feel… But I tend to get stuck on how I look.
That seems to be the feeling you’re chasing and you can gain that without losing weight. I am so happy that intuitive eating and love for oneself is becoming a new trend, and a great one at that.
The fact that I am getting married in 9 mos has both added increased motivation and increased fixations! I stayed in the same weight for quite some time and then picked up Insanity and did the 60 days of that.
I signed up for your Good Life Holiday Challenge because I suffer from a lot of food guilt, and I’m realizing that I have a lot of disordered eating habits! I don’t have a set up exercise plan because I change it so much to continue progress.

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