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Now here’s something you don’t see everyday – an infomercial product for a pill that says it will make you hungrier and help you GAIN weight!
The commercial goes on to say that this is what thin people need to finally get a great body. So how much for the ‘curves and muscles pill?’ An entire month’s supply is about $40 and comes with a free nutrition guide.
The alkamides (components) of these two herbs contain a chemical similar, although much less powerful, to THC! Okay for one, from what I’ve read the appetite stimulating properties of CB1 are virtually zero compared to the immune system boosting benefits of Echinacea. If these claims were true, everyone who used the more powerful THC in marijuana would be voluptuous and full of muscles. In my opinion this product is a total waste of money and the advertised benefits are extremely misleading! I'm seeing an herbalist now for everything, since Digestive disease specialist are clueless! Why is it so hard for society to understand that there are diseases the one can not control that make us skinny and weak! Estella, October 24, 2014Log in to ReplyI have to agree with mom because I am a mother also.
Glenn, October 24, 2012Log in to ReplyAmanda I agree with you, people just don't understand. So take it easy on ripping this product to shreds, it is only natural after all and I feel much better putting this in my body than prescription medication (of which the only one for weight gain is for people who have been dianosed with HIV - and I'm certainly not buying that from my pharmacy). Sara, November 11, 2014Log in to ReplyAmanda, i just ordered Cb1 today so I'm hoping to get it in this week. Supragenix, October 27, 2012Log in to ReplyAs you correctly pointed out in your review, cannabinoids are well-known to stimulate appetite.
You expressed concern that “without a proper exercise program you’ll just get fat.” While it is true that a large portion of weight gain is often fat mass, numerous studies have specifically looked at the effects of overfeeding and demonstrated that when sedentary individuals are fed a calorie surplus, a surprisingly large portion of the weight gained is lean body mass (FFM). It's worth noting that a majority of CB-1 customers are underweight and merely seeking to attain a normal bodyweight, not a muscular physique. In your review you ask, “Plus what exactly will you be eating with your newfound hunger pangs?” This is an excellent question which we devote several pages to in the complementary guidebook. You ask how eating more food will give women “curves in all the right places.” We don’t guarantee results, but rather draw on typical weight gain distribution patterns in females.
Denise, December 3, 2012Log in to ReplyI'm 46 and have always been thin, even after two children, and have always desperately wanted to gain weight. Ron, March 24, 2013Log in to ReplyWhat is so ridiculous about the products potential ability to reduce the metabolic rate and increase appetite? Sarah, August 30, 2013Log in to ReplyThank you angry trainer for shining the light on the real ingredients.
Zee, January 23, 2014Log in to Replyits actually states the ingredients on the website quite clearly. Nathaniel, January 12, 2014Log in to ReplyI have had issues gaining weight my whole life i finally got to 130 pounds to join the Military and now that im in i am losing weight yet again.
Oranges, February 26, 2014Log in to ReplyI hope you all are not actually falling for this garbage infomercial and taking this pill. Stephanie, March 16, 2014Log in to ReplyI'm 20 5"6 been skinny all my life I get the whole you to skinny you should eat all my life, people who think some people are skinny because they do not eat is stupid ass shit, skinny people eat, I myself consumed 5,000 healthy calorie foods and gained no weight, everyone's body is different, and do not over feed your selves to gain weight high calorie foods are expensive.. On the company website we see many before and after photos of people who have gained anywhere from 15–30 pounds plus! Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind.

Been taking CB1 for about two months now and the angry tainer dude is right and the claims are a bit on the extreme side. CB-1 Weight Gainer is novel in that it derives cannabinoids (alkamides, and more specifically isobutylamides) from two Echinacea species. Norgan and Durnin (1) found that, on average, 42% of weight gain was lean mass, Diaz et al (2) found 39% was lean mass, Bouchard at al (3) found 33% was lean mass, and Forbes et al (4) found that 51% was lean mass.
For these customers, a normal partitioning ratio as described above would be expected (and has been observed) to produce very satisfactory results. As a personal trainer, you can probably appreciate how challenging it is for some people to “bulk” on a healthy, “clean” diet, especially with the calorie demands of rigorous training. While it’s certainly possible to gain weight anywhere, including the gut (which you mention in your review), this would not be characteristic of the female ‘gynoid’ pattern. While this may seem absurd at first, consider that numerous substances are known to elevate metabolic rate, including ephedrine and caffeine, green tea, and capsaicin.(5) These compounds and others are frequently used as weight loss aids, collectively referred to as “thermogenics”.
The effect of 6 weeks of overfeeding on the body weight, body composition, and energy metabolism of young men. Obesity and thermogenesis related to the consumption of caffeine, ephedrine, capsaicin, and green tea.
Profound hypothermia in mammals treated with tetrahydrocannabinols, morphine, or chlorpromazine.
Central and peripheral signaling mechanisms involved in endocannabinoid regulation of feeding: a perspective on the munchies. About 10 years ago I started gearing my workouts to certain parts of my body by lifting weights. We see a few shots of thin men and women and then a follow up of the same person with a new body! And of course there’s the usual testimonials accompanying the photos saying things like ‘my life is changed’, ‘I’m more confident’ and even that it’s helped one woman ‘overcome the challenges of her disease’. There is some evidence that these compounds do stimulate appetite a bit, so the company’s claims that you will be hungrier may be true. Two, even if CB1 does stimulate your appetite, without a proper exercise program you’ll just get fat!
Plus how exactly does CB1 ‘slow your metabolism?” That must be the most absurd claim I’ve ever heard and a totally backwards way to try and gain weight. I felt no one could understand what it mean to 23 a mother and still weigh the same as I did in the 8th grade! I gained about 30 lbs taking CB1 and eating more than I usually did before but my problem was a high metabolism and I always ate a lot everyday. Across these 4 studies, an average of 41% of weight gained was lean mass, with no exercise.
For those seeking to gain muscle, or gain weight in particular areas of the body, we provide direction in a complementary weight gain guidebook we ship with each order. We explain in the guidebook that CB-1 is a great product for increasing your overall ability to eat healthy foods that are often hard to over-consume. Less well-known are substances that reduce metabolic rate, sometimes referred to as “hypothermic agents.” These include many second generation antipsychotics (which studies frequently show lead to weight gain), fever-reducing agents (which reduce thermogenesis in an obvious way), anesthetics, and cannabinoids (including those produced naturally by the body). I've always been told by ppl older than me to not take anything to gain weight because as I get older the weight will come.
When I researched my weight and height, studies show that my weight is where it suppose to be but I did not feel happy with how I look. I have done a little research on this product and after many failed attempts why not go out on a limb and try it out. That should raise red flags for you but most likely several of you commenting are also the company.

In the women’s case, CB1 says it’ll help you gain womanly curves and for the guys – yep you guessed it, we see pictures of guys jacked up after using the product.
I tried everything I could to gain weight like protein powders to working out and only would gain a few lbs a month. My question to you is, does the pill make your heart rate go up or is that just bc you are pushing yourself so hard at the gym?
Diaz et al (2) also reported results on individual subjects, which showed that a quarter of them gained more lean mass than fat mass (>50%), again in the absence of exercise. For example, we state that “If your goal is to gain as much muscle tissue as possible, you should be engaged in a serious strength training program.” We also explain that “The pattern for how you gain weight varies from person to person. While food selection is important when it comes to weight gain, even more important is eating enough calories to gain weight in the first place, and this is really what CB-1 targets.
Weight gain distribution patterns in men and women are under the regulation of sex hormones. Others are always saying how lucky I am to be so skinny, but the truth is, it's extremely difficult to be skinny and try to gain weight. I felt like I was under weight and I was not happy with my weight no matter how much others say I was a nice size.
The information on the CB1 website says the pill helps to spark your appetite while slowing your metabolism. The pills contain two Echinacea types – Angustifolia and Purpurea , and both are known to have strong immune boosting and anti inflammatory benefits.
Sorry guys – taking this pill will won’t give you a muscular beach body and on the women’s side, how can eating more food give you curves in all the right places – it won’t!
CB1 really works and this Angry Trainer dude is a dumbass who just wants people to suffer from being thin and weak so he can look better and so he can make people believe CB1 doesn't work! CB-1 doesn't change where you as an individual gain weight, it just makes your weight gain easier and faster. Women have higher estrogen levels, which promotes storage in the lower-body, with a tendency to gain weight in the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Why dont ppl just look it up on Wikipedia,its much easier and you can make your own conclusion ab the product. And at this age I'm glad I didn't take anything at a younger age because I'd probably have a big ole gut by now. I cannot find a banned substance list and wondered if anyone out there with more knowledge then me could help me out. The problem they claim is that thin people can barely eat enough food to maintain weight, let alone gain. Men have higher testosterone levels, which promotes storage in the upper-body, with a tendency to gain weight in the form of muscle tissue. If you have an illness and need the extra weight, well I dont know, I can't speak on that one. Thanks CB1 for the awesome product and thanks for being made in the United States Of America by Americans! You have some larger framed people that probably wouldn't look right small; the same way you have small frame people that probably wouldn't look right big but it is all in how you balance it and how you feel when you look in the mirror.
You are never going to satisfy the opinion of others, so my advice is to go with the opinion that matter the most. The media always focus on weight loss and ways to loose weight but weight gain is so hidden because society has built minds that everyone wants to be small, slim and trim instead of being healthy and happy.

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