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Collagen is increased and increased elasticity of all skin of the body through increased ceramides. Once collagen is gone it’s gone forever, so it needs to be protected and pre-emptive measures for people age 25 plus reduces the risk of aging skin. The effect of ceramides-Bad cells are degraded the ones that reduce the elasticity fibers or the tightness and firmness of your skin so the result is younger skin that can be 10 years younger than what it was suppose to be or more. Elasticity is increased with more ceramides which helps prevent sagging neck, double chin and jowls as well as dropping cheeks.
Phyto, plant, ceramide can be taken as a daily supplement to increase your ceramide levels to prevent aging and pre-empt aging.

Oz is one of the first doctors who has gotten the word out on the benefits of phytoceramides and there are many!
Rice ceramides has been proven superior to sweet potatoes which have only 1 mg per capsule of ceramides, absolutely minuscule.Inferior lipowheat phytoceramides has also lost in clinical studies to the winner – rice phytoceramides!

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