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In 1997, Linda Finch, owner of Earheart Healthy Weight Loss in Winston-Salem, was the first person to recreate Earhart's attempted flight around the world. Perhaps no time was more emotional for her during the flight, than when she passed over Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean. Finch completed her journey in Oakland, after a two and a half month journey around the world. It's a message she used to motivate herself to lose weight after the completion of the flight, when she went through some hard times. Now, she says, she uses it to motivate others. Ann Pellegreno was the first woman to actually recreate Earhart’s world flight in a Lockheed Electra 10 back in 1967, 30 years after Earhart disappeared. A year prior, on Earhart's birthday, she flew the plane she used to recreate the flight for the first time. The only changes were modern radio equipment and other technologies which allowed her to communicate with millions of students learning about her journey in schools worldwide.

That was the area where Earhart's flight is believed to have come to an end, with only two stops left; Honolulu and Oakland. Finch has started Earheart Healthy Weight Loss, which she says is a new, one-of-a-kind, patient pending technology that provides fast, easy weight loss today and the ability to control weight in the future.
She dropped a wreath on Howland Island on July 2, and released her book, World Flight, the Earhart Trail, in 1971. Linda Finch’s Electra was also a 10A, Modified to 10-E Specification in Brazil in the 1950s.

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