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This plan uses a computerized calorie counting system to insure your rapid results producing a realistic diet that you can keep. This takes a no nonsense approach to setting your ideal weight and losing the excess weight.
Nationally there is an epidemic of Type Two Diabetes that is brought on largely by people being overweight. Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics should check their blood glucose levels periodically to be sure it isn't running too high. This weight loss program uses no special pills or foods or drinks but uses the most widely used method for weight loss; Calorie Counting.
We have computerized this method so that it is quick and easy to use and as such people will actually use it and achieve great results.
There are two main programs 1) the Excel Spreadsheet and 2) a Calorie reference book where you can find the calories in your favorite foods.

In addition to these two main items there are 22 additional PDF files on calorie counting, burning calories through exercise and weight loss in general. I developed this system because I was overweight and needed to lose weight and control my glucose levels too. To succeed with calorie counting weight loss takes some time and this program allows me and now you to quickly and easily stay on your goal diet and achieve the results you desire. In Short: lose weight using a time tested preoven way that doesn't cost a lot of money to do.
NOTICE: Like all software retailers, due to the ease of software copying, all sales are final.
Our Weight Loss System gives you all 33 items above and our system is easy to set up and easy to use on your computer or your smart phone; losing weight couldn't be easier.
Upon receipt of payment your complete package will be emailed to you for fast easy download and save any Shipping & Handling fees.

This diabetic condition can lead to heart attacks, stroke, poor vision, blindness, liver problems, poor circulation in lower extremities which can lead to amputations. The normal range is about 100 with increases to 130+- after a meal or other food or beverage consumption.
We can not guarantee how our programs will be used and how much effort is used with any program. Typically a doctor likes to see their diabetic patients keep their A1C reading at 7 or below which is about 170 or below on the glucose meter that tests a speck of blood.

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