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Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. Younger women tend to have fuller brows, so darkening and thickening pale, thin eyebrows can have a dramatic effect. Lips lose their pouty fullness when we get older, so avoid dark lipsticks, which can accentuate the thinness.
Many young people are addicted to tanning, a study in the American Journal of Health Behavior reports.
Instead of heavy foundations and powders, which settle into fine lines and wrinkles, opt for a sheer tinted moisturizer , dewy pink blushes on the apples of cheeks and a swipe of bronzer across forehead, cheeks and nose (wherever the sun naturally hits). Hair that falls just below the shoulders is universally flattering on women of all face shapes and hair types. Unless you have dark skin and plump lips, I recommend staying away from super dark lipstick, which ages everyone.
I’m a stickler for good brows and am known for making my friends let me tweeze theirs.
We all need concealers from time to time, either to hide redness in the skin, dark circles under the eyes, a blemish or sun spots.

If you want to keep your long locks, take time to maintain it with regular trims and root touch-ups. If you grew up with dark hair, you’ll probably want to go lighter than you’ve been used to. As one stylist puts it, “It’s very, very rare that someone looks younger with a beard and mustache. It’s easy to get too enthusiastic and overpluck, so get a pro to shape them — or at least ask the barber to do a trim.
Use a salmon-colored concealer for the dark under-eye area; it sounds strange, but unlike a yellow-toned concealer, the salmon neutralizes the blue. Use an exfoliating scrub once a week and moisturize your face; you may see a big difference. What many women don’t realize that with just some simple changes to your style and beauty regimen you can avoid the hassle and expense of going under the knife to obtain the fountain of youth.
Heavy shadow all the way to the brows is too much, unless you are performing onstage, in which case, have at it.
Be careful with the tendrils, which went out of style more than a decade ago and remember: while unfussy is always good, messy is never flattering.

To soften the line even more, smudge it with your fingers or use an angled makeup brush dipped in dark shadow as a smudge-y eyeliner (this is how I line my eyes these days). Keeping your brows done nicely is like having a facelift without surgery, according to author Charla Krupp’s brow guy. Here is how to look younger just by following these tips and products to help you obtain a more youthful and realistic appearance. Don’t line the inside of the eye if you have small eyes, it makes the eye appear smaller. Go to a department store or Sephora and try on many colors with the help of a counter person and you’ll figure out quickly what shades flatter your skin tone.

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