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When I was in Seoul, I hung out with YouTube stars Eat Your Kimchi in their studio — and it was fantastic, baby! PS: I invite you to sign up for my mailing list, so that you won’t miss out on upcoming meet-ups and job opportunities!
Much like my own La Carmina blog, Eat Your Kimchi (EYK) began as a hobby, fueled by their passion for Korean culture.
Simon and Martina are just as friendly and fabulous in person, and we spent over an hour laughing together. Viewers will recognize these backdrops, as seen in their regular uploads (Kpop Music Mondays, FapFap, livestreams and more). Martina and Simon gave me a tour of the studio, which includes a sound room full of pillows, and Happy Kitchen.
I met business manager Soo Zee (love her purple hair!) and other team members, who were hard at work. Simon and Martina spoke enthusiastically about their newest project: You Are Here, an Eat Your Kimchi coffee shop near Hongdae station! It can be hard for first-time visitors to figure out where to go in Seoul, and for solo travelers to meet others. I’m excited to see the in-shop videobooth, where fans can record messages to be incorporated into videos.
Simon and Martina have lived in Seoul for many years now, and I asked them about the peculiarities of Korean pop culture. If you want a long checkered skirt like Martina’s, here is a similar one by JOA and by Stylenanda.
For an explanation on adapting your own favorite fermented vegetables recipes to a low-sodium diet see this well-researched post. InstructionsWash all fruit and vegetables.Using a food processor, with a coarse grater blade, coarsely grate suey choy, onion, celery, carrots, ginger, garlic, peppers, radish, and apples. When we heard Simon and Martina, the Canadian couple of Eat Your Kimchi fame were heading to Australia we knew we had to meet them. Since starting the My Korean Husband blog I’ve realised how little people really know about blogging. It’s fascinating what blogging has become in recent years and the huge differences between old media and new media.
Even with such a huge look into their lives I was still a bit apprehensive about meeting them. We have friends and we know people who look at our blog and they are like “I want a blog but is anyone going to watch?
And a lot of people find other excuses not to blog because they think if they are not going to do it perfectly, then there is no point in doing it.
Every person’s perspective is different so if you are a student, if you are a housewife, if you are a couple that are Canadian that moved to Korea… you are still not us. Just make sure that you like it, don’t do it for some other reason or else you are going to feel like you failed. I mean… before we were full time obviously no, we just took our camera everywhere and it was for fun and we just did that. We skipped our Music Monday 2 weeks ago because our video editor Leigh was moving to Busan (for school) and a lot of people were like “Why wouldn’t you do it???” Well, like I’m sorry but saying goodbye to her was more important. So that’s why we enjoy having Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, all these different options to reach out to people because that’s how we got to know the Nasties (EYK fans) and the Nasty community is awesome!
But also, the worst thing about the blogging profession is that is no such thing as holidays.
Soo Zee will be like, “Well I know that it’s Chuseok but I’m just going to come in…” and we’ll like “Nooo you’re not! So we became really close as a family and crew and everything and then we see each other all the time and then all we do is work and think about ideas.  So we need to take a day off where all of us just go and do nothing, so that was Sunday. Oh that is the good things!  For us it’s an enjoyable job so you don’t have that line between… 9 to 5 let’s go home.
You don’t worry about lighting, you don’t worry about audio, you don’t worry about setting up the tripods, you don’t worry about scripting. Our music Mondays have been getting shorter lately because we are trying to not spend 48 hours at the studio, because Music Monday is the day where we come in and we work until sunrise the next day.

And we have so many ideas, like for every music Monday we do, we have at least 3 to 4 skits that we have to chop, so even after we make the skit we have to be like “Which one of these is funnier?” And we are trying to gauge the reaction.
Some people think you just walk into the studio, play some K-pop music and press record on the camera and then dance around and then “voila” it’s all magic, just done… Well we do pay a lot of attention to detail. Soo Zee went to art school so she not only does business side she does all the designing as well.
And also the discussion off camera, like one person will have a perspective of what they expect it to look like and you have an idea in your mind and then when you see it on camera and you are like “This didn’t work out the way I thought.” So then you have to think about how to change that for next time and then you argue about it, “Well next time we should put it up higher or lower” so all that stuff comes in. Awesome ?? I’ve always loved to write and always wanted to blog regularly, but with a job and a 2 year old, I have my hands full ?? Blogging can be a full time job on its own! I don’t do blogging but I do know how much time it could take to edit or even make something. It would be awesome when you redesign your blog to have your little drawings scattered throughout the web page! To be fair if Simon had been writing this down he may have said it in a different way but this was in the middle of talking quite excitedly…. Due to a backlog of orders we have temporarily closed parts of the store so the EYK crew can catch up with all of your orders (You can still buy MP3s and premium memberships though)! Today, they have a loyal following of fans (aka Nasties), and have expanded EYK into an independent studio, clothing line, worldwide appearances and more. I immediately felt at home on their purple couch, and we dished about pop culture and fashion as if we were old friends.
They moved to Korea to teach English, and began making casual YouTube videos (about Korean food, Hello Kitty, K-pop) for their friends back home. I was impressed by how they custom-designed the space, with special lighting setups and kawaii decor all over.
The duo genuinely cares about their audience, and draws inspiration from the drawings and dolls they receive. Everyone works together on the standing desk, a healthier option than sitting around all day. The goal’s to create an inviting space where they can hang out with their fans and host special events (since their studio space is for work only). Martina is excited to bring her home-cooking to customers, and to have the coffee brewed just right. Everyone loves Spudgy the dog, and Dr Meemersworth — a Scottish Fold cat, just like mine!
We bonded over the breed’s quirks, like the way Scottish Folds dangle their big paws and love to cuddle. Simon and Martina spoke about upcoming appearances at anime conventions, a possible road trip with meet-ups, and more. In my next posts, I’ll show you the Hongdae Hello Kitty cafe, Zombie coffee, Robot bar and more. They have been a huge inspiration to us and one of the reasons why I first started blogging and why my husband and I are now blogging and making videos together. It can be really isolating simply because friends and family don’t usually understand exactly what it is all about. We have celebrities such as movie stars in Sydney all the time but I don’t think that many can command the number of people and passion that there was at the Korean Cultural Office last Friday.
I knew they’d be getting so many presents that day and wanted to give them something lightweight and that they could put other presents into. Enjoy the topic at hand and don’t think that just because your topic has been talked about, that you shouldn’t do it, because we meet so many people that say things to us in Korea like, “Oh I live in the countryside and I really want to start blogging but you are blogging and you guys are so big so…” But do we live in the countryside? Just because you are not going to cover the biggest topic ever…  cover your own thing and people will interested. Whenever I hear potential YouTubers say like, “I need this type of camera….” Well Jenna Marbles has like 10 million subscribers and she shoots it on the shittiest quality but people out there like it! When it became our job, we still loved doing it as a fun hobby, but when you socialise you have to remember that you have an audience that is like, “Oh I’m really looking forward to your WANK!” or “I’m really looking forward to you doing a cooking video”, so now we think about our audience more than our social life.
They all understand, they’ll be like “Why are you videotaping when you are sick Martina?!” and I’ll be like “Sorry!” They are taking care of you, you know? Like if you take a holiday and you don’t put up content, then people don’t view your site and you don’t get ad revenue .

You just keep going along, we go out for supper, we don’t think about it, but then we stay at work until 2am.
Like Soo Zee as well, the things she does as well, even like looking at the shirts and the shirt design. When we move to Korea we will start looking at the best advertising options, would like to get sponsors as well as adsense and will need to redesign the site to best accommodate advertising. I was able to ask them a few questions at a panel before, but I never would have thought to make comics about it.
When I saw the video thumbnail on my tumblr feed, I showed my bff and we had a squee moment xD EYK + MKH!
I checked out that blog – yes, there are some mean comments on it, but most of the opinions are actually criticism of EYK.
Similarly to my own career arc, they built up a loyal following, and eventually quit their day jobs to do Eat Your Kimchi full-time. This is one of the reasons why I was so keen to talk to Simon and Martina, not only because they blog about Korean stuff like me, but because I really wanted to talk to people that understand. Eat Your Kimchi fans know that their pets are just a famous as they are, so I made a comic about one of the stories they told about their dog and cat.
But we started doing it because we were passionate about the topic and we just did it for 2 years without being YouTube partners. Its really interesting to see all the little details EYK (and you as well!) that bloggers have to go through and think about! Most interviews with EYK focus more on the Kpop content and experiences living in Korea, so it was great to learn more about the whole process behind the videos. And it’s so interesting about the blogging and also finding out exactly what Soozee does! How funny that in contrast, plastic surgery (a more invasive “body modification”) thrives here!
So we didn’t earn a dime off of anything, we just did it because it was something we were passionate about. So for this whole time we haven’t taken any holidays, we are going to take our first one in January finally. My blogging buddy and I struggle to post regularly in between school and work and life, and you post pretty much every day!!!
I loved their answer about how all blogs are different, even if they’re about a common topic. I didn’t realise she was responsible for so much of the designs – everything makes sense now though!
When you see a movie star you really don’t know that much about their personal life or what they are really like. So that is my advice, do something that you are passionate about, don’t do it because you want to become rich and famous. I feel like the different blogs just add to each other, and ultimately compliment each other. I agree with you guys; you should do something because you are passionate about it and not for the fame or the money.
Bloggers however, have usually shared their real and authentic lives and their audience feels like they know them, that they are a friend, so there is a much bigger connection there.
From the first second it was obvious that Simon and Martina (and Soozee) were just some of the friendliest, warmest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet. If you do it just for the fame or the money you will end up doing anything for attention and losing yourself in the process. They interact with fans and appreciate them so much.This is why there were so many people to see Simon and Martina and why the line for the meet and greet stretched so far down the street and why there were more people than the event organisers could have ever imagined. Btw, since your biggest talent is drawing comics and that’s where the most hit comes from, you should look into getting more revenue from your blog through ads.

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